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Should We?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get the little one a pet, I mean? Just like a lot of other kids she's been asking if she can have a dog. The last few days she's been pretending that her stuffed toy Pluto is her pet. Ha! I know that other people say that having a pet can teach her to be more responsible but I am not sure if I will believe that or not. She said that if she gets a dog, she will let it sleep in her bedroom on her bed! LOL...I guess we won't have to look for pet beds then, eh? Nah...of course we won't let the dog sleep in her bedroom. There are a lot of very affordable pet beds available online...and I'm pretty sure they are less expensive than a regular bed. But we'd probably get her a fish first before we get her a dog. Or maybe she can have this turtle we found in the yard. What do you think?


I've been MIA from the internet world today. Why? Let's just say, it's because of something beyond my control. U-G-H!!! First, it's my ancient laptop. It kept on freezing on me. I have no idea why but I'm guessing it's probably because it's almost 6 years old and that I've been using it almost non-stop 24/7, 365 days a year. That shouldn't have been a problem because the PC is much newer and more up to date than my ancient lappy and I could have easily done my work using it didn't happen? Why? Big thanks to our ISP...or our very new Internet Service Provider!! We switched provider a few weeks ago....from cable back to DSL. Now, DSL is slower than cable so I'm not used to it anymore. I noticed that it loads much slower when I work so we decided to! Wrong move because as soon as we called them about the upgrade, the internet went out! As result, I was without internet the whole day. I had to wait for the husband to com


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had fun with the tag I got from Lynn so I went back to the site to see if there's another TV show I'm interested in. Well, I saw a few but this one caught my attention. I took the 'quiz' with confidence, hoping that I will win acerbic Simon Cowell's vote. Well guess what?? I came out crying!! Here's what that filthy rich, acerbic Simon would say if [and only IF] I decide to go in that little known TV show called American Idol..!!! Hu hu hu...[ a cruise ship??? I get sea sick!!! ] What Would Simon Cowell Say About You? More on American Idol . Created by BuddyTV

A Style of Her OWN...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just this week, I started to feel the cool air when the husband opens the door when leaving for work. The little one can also feel it when she goes biking in the driveway in the morning. I went through her clothes today to see if she has some warmer clothes she can wear in the morning when she bikes. Nope, not even one piece of her fall clothing still fits her. Well, I actually didn’t expect that she’d still fit on those clothes. So now, it’s time to shop for her fall wardrobe. I already started looking actually and I have found some already that I like. One brand I want to get her in the future is from the Tea Collection boutique. I have seen some pieces that I think will go perfectly with our little one’s personality. Needless to say, at 6 years old, she already has her own style. Something I didn’t have when I was her age. Actually, I still don’t a style until now. Ha!

TV Character...a Tag!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Got this interesting tag from Lynn of My So-Called Life . Thanks much! I do "watch" TV a lot...actually, more like "listen" to TV since I usually do it when I'm working. I have a few favorite but I don't get to follow them on their original air time so I try to catch them on re-runs. The family's ultimate favorite is "Monk, the defective detective" so it's the first quiz I took. Read on... Which Monk Character Are You? More on Driving Force . Created by BuddyTV My next choice is NCIS. I've only recently started watching this one and I've been following its back to back telecast in the afternoon. Read on... Which NCIS Character Are You? Created by BuddyTV *begin copy here* Take some Personality Quiz here . At least 2 (two) of it. Post the result on your blog and then leave a comment here so that I can add it to a Which TV Shows Character Are You? master list. Pass this tag to a blogger who you think wat

Should She or Shouldn't She?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve got this friend who has been kinda’ chubby throughout her adult life. She tried gyms, exercise and dieting but she’s always back where she started. She’s not that fat but her self-confidence is suffering because she’s not happy with her body so her quest to lose weight is non-stop. Since she doesn’t qualify for any kind of surgery [and she doesn’t want to go under the knife anyway], her only choice now is to try diet pills. It’s her last recourse but she’s a bit apprehensive about it. I guess her lack of knowledge about diet pills does not help her at all. So I went online to check the different diet pills on the market. One site I found is really beneficial because it does not only list the positive things about diet pills but also the not so positive effects like alli side effects . After reading about the different diet pills on this site, I am confident that my friend will be able to find the information she needs in order to come up with a good d

Cowgirl or Ballerina???

That is the question! Well, not me of course. It's our little one. Every morning she chooses the clothes she would wear for the day. Well, today she chose her ballerina outfit that her Grandma gave her on her birthday. Good choice, right? Well, not quite. During her lunch break she decided she wants to be a cow girl. She doesn't have a cow girl outfit but she has the 'paraphernalia' to be a cowgirl. She put on her red cowboy hat and started riding her horse...toy horse of course, with her 'lasso'...err..jump rope. So now I have a ballerina cow girl here while working on her Science book. Sweet!

Time's Up!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of the things I vowed to do once we’re moved in this house is to start exercising. We’ve been here for 3 months and I have yet to fulfill that vow. Just like every other person out there who vows to do this, my problem is time and motivation. I work at home which means I don’t go out of the house in weeks, if not months, at a time. So even the basic walking is out of the question most of the time. But…I HAVE to start exercising or I will end up really fat and unhealthy. So I started researching for a good exercise video. Mind you, I already have a couple that I bought while I was still in the old house. But those videos just didn’t deliver. So the search for that ‘perfect video’ continues. So what am I looking for in a video? Hmm…it has to be affordable of course…and not time consuming since I have other things that I need to do. The ‘moves’ have to be something that I can do. How about something that will make me want to actually move? And last but

Blast from the P-A-S-T...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like I'm not busy, here I am going through the folders in My Documents. I came across some of my pictures from the past. I thought of playing with the Microsoft Photo Editor and here are the fruits [rotten fruits] of my labor....hahahaha.... Me at 29 I think...the only time I agreed to be a bridesmaid! Me at 30, I think. My last school picture at the only school I worked for in the Phils. Me at 34. My last school picture at the school I worked for in Taiwan. So, do I look good Blue, Red or Green?

Funny T-Shirts

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday, I mentioned about the big holidays that are creeping in on us. Well, maybe not creeping in since they happen every year, on the same day so it’s not a surprise to us when they happen. Anyway, as early as January, I already started looking for presents I can give family and friends for Christmas. My all time favorite to give them would have to be funny t-shirts . Why not when they are very affordable and they instantly make the receiver happy by just looking at the gift itself. This year will not be any different. I am still looking for these t-shirts I can give maybe not to all of them but to a selected few. I may even get me some.

Kreativ Blogger...a Tag!

Thanks to Bong of Excess Baggage for this 'Kreativ Blogger' award! I think I already posted this one before but since I got it from another blogger this time, I thought it's just fair to post it again...[and I need an interim post....shhh]! A side note: My eye is normal again...hahaha. I think I'll go with what Lena said, old age is creeping in on me. I tend to forget that I'm well over my 40s so I question every little thing that happened to me. Did I just say I'm "old"??? No!!!!!!!

The Twilight Years...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ During the wedding of our niece, we got the chance to see hubby’s grandparents who we have not seen in a while. They are doing okay but Grandma has been having some health issues in the last year so. Because of her health problems they’ve been looking for some things they need like grips for their bed to help her get up easily. Since that last meeting I’ve been in touch with them constantly. I’m also helping by looking for sites where they can buy the things they need like adult diaper and a bed overlay. They already have some of the things they need but I’m sure that they will need some other things in the future. I’m just glad to help them in any way I can and hope that someone will do the same for us when we need assistance in our twilight years.

My Face...then My Eye...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep, you read that right. If my face was my concern last week, this week, it's another part of my's my right eye! Well, I'm not even sure if I should be concerned about it or not actually. I noticed this weekend that my right eye shuts slower than the left one. I thought it was just a fluke but I tried blinking a lot of times and it always shuts slower...wahhh!! So I started wearing my glasses regularly now. I think my extended stay in front of my computer is straining my eyes. Added to that is my inability to fall asleep as easily as I used to. Anyway, today I already noticed an improvement so I'm happy about that. By the way, the face is back to normal already. So I have both sides even now....fat but even...hahaha!

Halloween...then Thanksgiving...already?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today is September 23, 2008 already. How can that be? It seems that it’s only yesterday when we welcomed 2008 and now it’s almost over. Anyway, our little one is very excited when the ‘ber’ months come rolling in. Nope, it’s not only because of Christmas but because of all the big ‘celebrations’ that happen during this time of the year like Halloween,of course. If Halloween is big for the little ones here in the US, Thanksgiving is big for grown ups here. It’s because of Thanksgiving that I learned how to make pumpkin pie. Who would have thought? Anyway, every year I try to look for new pumpkin pie recipe I can try out. It’s the husband’s favorite so we don’t only make it on Thanksgiving but throughout the year. It won't be long before I can be called the 'pumpkin pie' princess! Nah!

Grey's Anatomy Has a New Doctor...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ His name is: McSwimmy ! Watch & Enjoy... Aha! So the 12,000 calories a day is not really true, eh? I guess we can't really believe everything we read in the news.

Should I???

Get me a cell phone I mean? I really don't want to get one because I don't need it. I am always home so what for, right? So why am I thinking of getting a cell phone now? It's because of the poor service we've been getting from the phone companies/ISPs around here. We just switched providers and so far it's not working well with us. The husband has been on and off with the customer service over the weekend and they just don't have a clue what they're doing. We are going to give them until tomorrow to straighten things out with their service. After that, I am going to check on unlocked cell phones and get me one. I have had enough of this craziness with the providers around here.

Phelps Overload!!!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to all of you who left me messages about my l ovely swollen face ..LOL. I thought of dropping by here first before I start my busy day to write an update on this very exciting event of my life. Bwa hahahaha..... The swelling went down already so I 'think' it's getting better. The husband looked at it before he left for work. Can you believe I can't really tell if it's swollen or not by just looking at it? I was looking at it the whole day yesterday and I can barely see the difference....but my husband saw it right away. Anyway, it's still a wee bit itchy so it's just probably an insect bite. Not sure what kind of insect though since I don't see a lot of insects here except some fruit flies. Hopefully my face will be back to normal soon. I can't go out of the house with a swollen face, can I? Oh wait...I DON'T go out of the house. Bummer!!

Online Trading

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I was not working at home yet, one of the things my husband suggested I should try doing is online trading . His brother in law has this friend that used to do it and he said that his friend made quite a lot doing it…at home of course. I never really got the chance to check it out since I landed a work at home job before I got to it but I am thinking of giving it a try in the future. Not right now since I can barely find the time to breath. But I will definitely check it out when I am not as busy. I can always use some extra....

My FACE is swollen!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep, I noticed that the left side of my face is swollen while I was trying to sleep last night. I didn't notice it when I took a shower though. I went to bed hoping the swelling will subside while I'm in didn't. I checked it first thing in the morning and it's still the same...not sure if it got bigger since it looks the same [to me anyway]. The husband didn't notice it when he left for work because it was still dark when he left but when he came back home [to meet a repair guy for our fridge], he went: "Honey, what happened to your face? It's lopsided!!" ...LOL!! Not sure what happened but I don't feel any discomfort whatsoever. It's a bit 'itchy' so I'm thinking maybe something 'bit' me but there's no visible sign of that. The husband, as crazy as he is, suggested that I probably had a 'stroke' and I just don't know it...hahaha. It's not my gums

W-A-S-T-E-D !!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nah, I'm not wasted although I feel like I am because I'm so tired...lack of sleep and overworked [& underpaid?? LOL]... I'm actually talking about this: Can you tell what's in the picture??? Yes! Ice cream. Because of the power outage for the past few days in Texas brought about by Ike, the store owners [like Market Basket] didn't have a choice but to get rid of all their frozen cream was probably the first one to go. Nooooo......!!! Anyway, I just wanted to pop in here to say hi and bring you this 'bad news' of wasted ice cream...hik hik hik!! Life is still busy on my end. I still blog every now and then especially in my other blog - Teacher's Corner - since I have some tasks pending on that one. Our servers came back up yesterday so we're trying to catch up with work since we missed 2 days of work. I have to get going now as the little one is almost done with her dinner. Mommy duty is calling and

Still Here....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep, still around. Work is still busy but we got an unplanned break from it. Guess why...anyone?? This is because the main office of the company I work [the one with work anyway] is in Houston, Texas....and that's where hurricane Ike decided to go instead of here. I guess there's really no escaping Ike for me, eh? As early as Wednesday evening, I think, our boss already warned us that our servers may be down this weekend because of this hurricane and she was right. I was able to work some last night before going to bed but when I logged on this morning, it's already down. So how did I spend my 'suddenly' free Saturday? By doing some pending tasks I've been putting off in the last week or so. Right now, I only have a couple left and I'm planning in finishing them up tonight. So yes, I still 'worked' somehow. My schedule though is not as 'hectic'. I'm trying to catch up on some blogs also. I just wish I can visit

Losing IT....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....the weight I mean. It seems that gaining some unwanted poundage is one of the downside of my being a work at home mom [WAHM]. Unlike when I was still teaching where I had to tackle flights of stairs to get to the classrooms, now I only have to take a few steps to get to my “work place”. There are even days when I would choose to sit on the bed with my laptop which means even lesser walking or movements on my part. My treadmill is right beside my bed but it’s not making me motivated at all even if I see it day in day out. So I’ve been looking into diet pills more and more to help me get rid of my unwanted weight but I have not really decided yet if I should go that way. Maybe I can ask the husband to hide my laptop before he leaves for work…then I will be forced to look for it which means more movements on my part. Is that a great idea, or what? Ha!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did I scare you???? LOL....just kidding. Well, I had to come out of 'retirement' for a bit today because I have some 'duties' I have to attend to...and if you're a blogger like me, you know what I mean, right? Thanks for all the messages you've been leaving here. So you know...I am not leaving blogging for good. I'm just taking advantage of the the slew of work that's been coming my way. A girl's gotta' do what a girl's gotta do, right? Gotta go again....

Best Buy....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Both the husband and I have been busy working. Last weekend we planned in going out to look for some things we still need for the house but we weren’t able to because it took him longer than expected to install the garage opener and it’s football season. That means we can only go when football is not on. Ha! Anyway, one of the things we are going to buy very soon is a TV set. The husband has been going online right after dinner looking for the best buy on the television that he likes. He went to the others around here but he thinks that he can find the best deals online. I believe him since we got a lot of our electronics online and they were all really good deals.

Taking a Break from....

Yep, I have to take a break from this thing called blogging UNLESS I find a monkey to help me with it. LOL... Seriously, I am really taking a break from doing this simply because it's no longer practical for me. Like most of you know, I am WAHM...which means I have another job that I do at home. Since I got into blogging [and because I enjoy it enormously], my jobs have kind of taken a back seat. It was fine for a while but I just noticed that what I make doing the 'paid blogging' is not making up for what I CAN make when there is work to be done...darn! Work has picked up since a few weeks ago but since I was so engrossed with blogging...I have not made what I should make. Sigh....lost some 'moolah' there... So if you don't see me as often, that's the reason why. I'll still try to hop and visit you back but my entries here [and in my other blog] will be fewer. Well, they've been fewer since the last few weeks anyway... Thanks for those who came by a

Looking for 'the one'...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve been very busy the last few days [and will be busy in the coming days as well] because of work. But I have to take a few hours ‘off’ because we need to go out and start hunting for that ‘perfect’ couch. Yep, we finally decided to look for one. We have looked at a lot already, from modern sofa to sleeper sofa. We have not found ‘the one’ so to speak that’s why we’re still searching. Hopefully, we will find it this weekend. Wish us luck, will ‘ya?

Busy Working...

That's me this week. I have not done any decent hopping the whole week. Work has been crazy for the past few days. I have to pick my pace to keep up with it. It's bit cloudy here. It seems that big 'ole Ike is making its presence felt around here. It's one big hurricane but we're hoping it will lose strength as it makes its way in the US soil. Gotta go for now. I told the little one she can bike before she starts with her school work. She hasn't been biking for weeks so it's time to let her push those pedals again...or she might start getting all scared of getting on her bike again. Ciao everyone...see you around.

Kind Blogger....a Tag!

Been a while since I posted a tag/an award 2 days ago...haha! Anyway, Cecile of Life is Good and Beautiful handed me this one. Thanks Cecile for always remembering's very much appreciated... Here are the rules: 1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award. 2. Four (4) of them are followers of your blog. 3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world. 4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award. Now, who do I tag or pass this award? How about You, you, you, you & You of course.

Dancing...More Pics from Wedding...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some more pictures from the wedding. They are 'dancing pictures'...sorry to disappoint you...not ME dancing...LOL. I don't, well more like...CAN'T dance so I don't even try. These are pictures of the little girl joining in every dance she could....heck, she even wanted to dance before the bride and groom had their first dance. As soon as the disco ball was lighted....she thought she could start dancing. As always she's the social butterfly that her Mom used to be....NOT! The husband and I are actually wondering where she gets it from. Here she is dancing with an Aunt...not sure what they call the dance but it's the one where the singer/rapper tells you what to do like hop, clap..etc.. "Crashing" in the bride's group doing the "Chicken Dance"... Here she is joining in the "Line Dance" Here she is with the this cute 3-year old little girl who dances like a Pro...seriously. That's it.

Busy Weekend...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We had one busy weekend...for a change! Like I mentioned in my previous post, we attended the wedding of the husband's niece last night - Sunday night. It was an evening wedding so we had a pretty late night. We left the venue at 11 PM. The little one was the one who had a blast. She was all over the place during the reception. She played with her cousins as well as tried to join in the dancing. The husband and I just stayed on the sidelines taking pictures or chatting with some family that we have not seen in months [years for some]. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures we took. I still have a lot but I am 'tuckered' out as the little one likes to say. Thanks for the visit my friends...will try to hit back tomorrow!

Labor Day...

Image those in the US. I hope you're all taking it easy and not taking the day literally as that picture depicts...LOL! We will be staying at home today because we stayed out pretty late lat night. Yep, we made it to the wedding. Yep Tuks , I was garbed in little black [white] dress last night...LOL.... Enjoy the rest of the day [night to some] everyone!