Labor Day... those in the US. I hope you're all taking it easy and not taking the day literally as that picture depicts...LOL!

We will be staying at home today because we stayed out pretty late lat night. Yep, we made it to the wedding. Yep Tuks, I was garbed in little black [white] dress last night...LOL....

Enjoy the rest of the day [night to some] everyone!


Betty Miller said…
Happy Labor Day!
Hey-I was wondering if you might help me with my blog...I went to and found a template that I want to use. After I copy/paste the code into blogger and hit "save template" it tells me that "Widgets are about to be deleted" What should I do so I won't lose my Link List? I'm new to blogging and don't even know what a widget is! LOL!
Thanks for any advice,
J said…
gee! I was right. hope you enjoyed the night.

Anonymous said…
belated happy labor day, Juls.

Got something for you in my blog. please come by to get it.

take and hello to ur lil one. tell her she got a dainty pink fan. i love the color!
Unknown said…
We stayed home to Jul and had some friends over for small bbq dinner. it was sure fun than shopping! I'm so glad I stayed away from shopping mall.

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