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Unused Keyboard

When the little one was about 8 she asked 'Santa' for a keyboard for Christmas. It was one of the many items in her list and she knew that not all in her list will be fulfilled. Still, we, I mean Santa brought her a keyboard. Since I'm usually the one in-charge of looking for the items in her list, I started by checking out since they have anything and everything music related. I'm not sure where we got the keyboard from but she was ecstatic and was excited to play it for a good couple of days. Fast forward to present time, the keyboard is still practically brand new. It's stashed in the corner of her closet for the last 6 years. But it seems it's not forgotten yet because she just brought it up in one of our conversations over the weekend. So who knows? Maybe she's dust it off and start learning on how to play it. I hope....