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Visiting Blogs...Again

I started this blog in September 2007. Long before that, I've been a 'lurker'. Reading blogs mostly to kill time. I was already a WAHM when I started blogging and when I wasn't busy with my WAHJs and taking care of the little one, I would find myself blog hopping. That's how I met a few bloggers who kinda' inspired me to start my own blog. Teacher's Corner was born followed with this one. During the first few months, I visited blogs regularly. I made it a point to click on all the links I have in my Friends' List at least once a week. Then life got a little busier and I couldn't find the time to do that anymore. I still visit some blogs but I just can't do it as much as I used to. A few days ago I decided to visit some blogs I have not visited in ages. I started clicking on some links in my Friends' List. Much to my surprise, a lot of the links are either 'dead' or the blogs are no longer updated by the bloggers. It seems a lot of t

So Far So Good

My 6-month doctor's appointment was early this morning. Surprisingly, we didn't have to wait long for me to be seen. Early morning appointments are a bit of a pain since you have to wake up early to make it on time but it cuts the waiting time at the doctor's office dramatically. I got the 2nd appointment slot for the day so there's only one patient ahead of me. Our chairs weren't even warm yet when I was called in already. I think we were in and out of the office in half an hour. The appointment itself went well as well. My TSH has been normal for 3 months now and I've been off the medication for that long as well based on the regular blood tests I've been having every 6 weeks. Now I don't have to have my blood work done in the next 6 months. Woo hoo! I don't like blood tests so I'm happy to be off for the next 6 months. The doctor asked me to watch out for some signs though in case my lovely thyroid decides to become ADD again. Hopefully I wo


Wednesday. For some reason, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. I don't know why since we're still a couple of days away from the weekend and my favorite show [hello NCIS] airs not on this day but on a Tuesday. I guess it may have something to do with it being in the middle. No too close to Monday or Friday. Truth be told, I'm sort of like that...being in the middle. I tend not to take sides...unless there's a significant difference between the 2 sides. In other words, I would rather remain 'neutral' until I get all the to speak. Anyway, since it's only Wednesday I have no idea yet what our weekend will be like. There is a big chance we won't be going anywhere. I really want to do some cleaning in the garage because we still have the empty boxes from Christmas sitting in there. I also want to fill up the box I was supposed to send in the Philippines before Christmas. But because of time constraint, I wasn't able to finish getting w


I finished what I set out to finish this weekend and I'm pooped! My back is sore and all I can think of is go lay down on my comfy bed and sleep the night away. But football is still on so I won't be able to do that...yet. Hubby is watching in the bedroom and if I go there, I'd end up watching even if I'm not rooting for any team anymore. My team ~ the Denver Broncos, yes because of Peyton ~ is out of the running. The game is still exciting because it's the Patriots vs Ravens right now and these 2 teams are 'frenemies'. They were also up against each other for the AFC title last year and the Patriots won. This time around, Ray Lewis' team is doing its very best to send the soon to retire player off on a high note so I'm sure they're putting up a fierce fight. I want the Ravens to win actually so the Harbaugh brothers will go up against each other in the Superbowl. Who are the Harbaugh brothers? They are the head coaches for the Niners and the Rav

Bike Racks

More than a year ago, we bought each one of us a bike. So far, we've used the bike a grand total of...drum rolls, please...3 times! Yes, 3 times. Why? Because of me. Yes, it's because of me. I don't want to ride the bikes around the neighborhood because I don't like looking over my shoulder to check if there's a car behind me when I'm biking. I told the husband that we should get hitch bike racks that we can hook up in the car so we can go to a bike trail to ride those bikes. We have a trailer to put them on but it's also being used at work so hitch racks will be our best option if we want to take the bikes somewhere we can ride them. I know I sound like a spoiled brat when I demand something like that but I don't do it often. He's the one that wants us to ride them so he might as well get those racks soon so we can go biking. Now's the perfect time to do that actually because the weather is quite pleasant for biking.


It's that time again when I have one appointment after another. I usually like to have them on the same day so I don't have to ask my personal driver to take off work on different days. Maybe when I can drive already I will be able to do the appointments on different days. But for now, we have to stick with the current arrangements. I have not been on my thyroid medication for a few months already. That's because my last blood test showed that my TSH has been normal...I think. The last blood test was about 2 months ago. Tomorrow I'll have another one just in time for my 6-month appointment. I am crossing my fingers that my TSH is still good so I won't have to take my medications anymore. Right now the only medication I'm taking is the one for my allergies. It seems that medication will stay with me for the rest of my life...unless I decide to have the allergy shots which is done every few months only. I heard of people whose allergy went away because of those


Four letters that can make one panic. Especially if your business is at stake. That's my friend's predicament not too long ago. She and her husband started this business a couple of years ago. She has a full time job, he runs the business. Still, she's in-charge of all the administrative stuff which she does at night after her regular job. Recently, they moved their place of business. She thought everything was in place until she realized that they weren't able to send the 'We've Moved' announcement to most of their clients. It's a good thing she said that she found overnight prints at or they would have been doomed. Her words, not mine. Anyway, everything was happening all the same time ~holidays, etc. ~ that's why it completely slipped off her mind to order the announcements but everything turned out okay. I don't think they lost any business with the late announcement. It only gave them more time to prepare their place of

Bad Flu Season

So, have you had your flu shot yet? I think that's the first question the doctors ask their patients when they come in for a visit. Honestly, I've never had a flu shot myself. No one in this household has had it simply because we try to be cautious. I read that the best way to fight off the flu is not through the shot but by something very simple. Washing of hands. That's one thing we've been very good at. Whenever we go somewhere, we wash our hands as soon as we get in the house. The little one knows that's the first thing to be done. In the car, we have hand sanitizer as well wipes. We make it a point to use them religiously. It works for us so we don't see the need to get the flu shot even if they're saying that this is one of the worst years for flu. My advice if you don't want to get the shot. Wash. Wash. Wash. It's harmless and it costs nothing but a little bit of water and some soap. So far, flu has stayed out of this household. I'm hopi

Looking to Invest

My oldest brother's youngest daughter is about to graduate from law school. That means that after her graduation, he can start investing some of his earnings already because he no longer has to pay tuition for his kids. He mentioned when we were there that he wants to visit us here as soon as his youngest graduates. That means he and his wife may be here as early as later this year or by next year. Maybe he can buy gold coins here to start his investments when they come for a visit. He wants to buy more real estate properties but those are quite expensive and there are a lot of paper works to be done. At least with gold coins, he doesn't have to worry about all those paper works anymore. Aside from that, gold's value does not deteriorate unlike real estate. I'm just worried that he may be spending a small fortune buying those pieces of properties now then be shocked down the road when the value of those properties keep going down. I think a couple of them is enough for

Happiest Countries

From Yahoo News The World's Happiest Countries: 1.  Norway 2.  Denmark 3.  Sweden 4.  Australia 5.  New Zealand 6.  Canada 7.  Finland 8.  The Netherlands 9.  Switzerland 10.  Ireland The US is now in 12th place...couple of places down from last year's spot. I haven't read the whole article but the main reasons why the US is no longer in the Top 10...governance, personal freedom, entrepreneurship and opportunity. Enough said.


We went to the store yesterday so I can get my supplies for the month. While we were there I noticed that the cargo shipper I use to send stuff back home to the Philippines has an ongoing sale until the end of next month. I have a box that I was supposed to send before Christmas but I decided to postpone it because I was planning to buy flat panel stands for my brothers and I wasn't able to. I want to send those stands in the box but I didn't have the time to look for them during the holiday season so the box wasn't sent as planned. They were supposed to be my gifts to them for Christmas but it didn't happen. I told them that I will still send them the stands they asked for but not as Christmas gifts anymore. I guess now I have to start looking again so I won't miss the ongoing sale of the shipper. I'm just hoping that 3 stands will fit in their biggest box or I would need more than one box. Oh's not everyday I send them stuff anyway so it's o

Sunday Football

During the football season, we usually schedule the things we want or need to do on the weekend, especially on Sundays, around the games. That means we have to be home by 1 PM because that's when the games start. I guess it's obvious who around here wants to be home to watch the games, eh? Me! Not! Well, I must admit I also like the game, well, more like some players. I've been a Peyton Manning fan since day 1 ~ my day 1 anyway. I just like his demeanor...he seems very calm, patient. Too bad his team didn't make it any further this year. Anyway, the season is almost over. Divisional championship is happening right now. There are only 2 games today. One is happening right now and the other one will follow right after. The Superbowl will be on Feb. 3 and that's it. After this season is over, then no more scheduling things around the game...for a few months anyway. Maybe by then, we can just up and go whenever we want to head out...on a Sunday that is.

Organic Mattress

I haven't heard of such before. That's probably because we only research mattress when we need one or want one. For us, it's the former. Our mattress is only a couple of years old so it's fairly new. We don't have to replace it for another 3 to 5 years...unless we have to. Anyway, I'm just toying with the idea that 'maybe, just maybe' we may have to replace our mattress to help with the old man's back [and neck] pains. Anyway, I came across the organic mattress online and I thought I'd read some about it. So far only boston mattress stores seem to sell it so it we want to get one, we may have to order it online. Of course there might be some stores locally that sell this kind of mattress but I have yet to find one. I told the husband about it and he asked me to read more about it then tell him what I find out. Well, there's another assignment for me.


A few years ago I bought this DVD that has 10-minute Pilates work outs. I hear only good things about Pilates that's why I decided to give it a try. I did. The exercises seem easy but I couldn't stay on it. For one, I cannot get over the fact that the lady in the video is doing everything so effortlessly. When she lifts and extends her legs on a 45 degree angle, they're straight like arrows for as long as she's showing the move. When I try to do it myself, I can't even get past a minute and I'm done. I don't know why, but that doesn't encourage me one bit. It actually frustrates me. I just feel like what they're showing are not for beginners at all. Ugh! I really want to do some core exercises and I read [heard] that Pilates is the way to go. So, I may just dust the DVD and give this 10-minute work out another try. Hopefully, I'll be able to pull it off this time. I wish.

Giving Back

Every year, each batch that graduated in our high school donate something to the school as way of helping it. It's a private school that was originally financed by benefactors. But as the years went by, there was a shortage of benefactors. Since we all feel that the school has helped us one way or another, the alumni decided to come up with this annual donation program. At the end of the year, there is an alumni homecoming where alumni are provided with a list of things the school needs. This year, it's lockers, benches and projector mounts to name a few. I haven't been in any of the annual homecoming but our batch representatives usually send us a copy of the list so we know what to choose from. From that list, we all decide as a group which item or items on the list we will donate to our alma mater. It's our simple way of giving back to a school that has helped shape us to what we are today.

Old Shows

It looks like our little one likes watching 'old TV shows' just like her old parents. I was the same when I was a young girl. I liked watching movies from the 50s that were being shown on TV even if I had to stand outside the window of our neighbor who had a TV set. Hubby on the other hand is the same way. Everytime he comes across an old show on TV he'd stop and watch it even if there are newer shows on. Right now, he and the little one have 2 shows they like to watch together which both originally aired in the 1960s thru 1970s ~ Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie . When I'm not busy with my duties, I would join them because I also like those 2 shows. I'm glad she likes the old TV shows. With the slew of reality tv shows right now, I would rather she watches those harmless old shows. I just don't see her learning anything valuable from Snooki or those housewives who don't seem to have anything to do but bicker and back stab each other while flaunting the

Tree's Down

I stripped it off its trimmings a couple of weeks ago but it remained standing in all its naked glory because I couldn't take it down by myself. I probably could but I may break a branch or two so I just waited for McG to do it himself when he has the time...which is today. It's now neatly tucked in its original box waiting to be put back in its resting place...the attic. Actually, there are boxes now of Christmas related stuff that need to be put back in the attic. It used to be that we only had a couple of boxes but as the years go by, we keep on adding to it so we now have about 5 [or more boxes]. The stuff in a couple of those boxes we don't use anymore so I may just not put them back in the attic and toss them. Or probably send it to my family back home. It's still in good condition, it's just not being used anymore.

Cold TGIF!

Well, it's only for a day so it's fine. The highest today was only in the 60s so I was in my warm clothes the whole day. The weekend will be much better though...highs in the 70s....woot! I don't think there's rain in the forecast woot, again. Ha! Everything outside, well almost everything colorful anyway, is now either dried, dead or bald. Not a pretty sight. Our flower beds are full of dried leaves from the plants and none of the plants have flowers anymore. When we chose the plants for our flower beds we chose perennials so we don't have to keep replacing them. But since it's winter, even the perennials die or wilt. They would come back sometime in March or April but until then we're left with either flowerless or wilted plants. Oh well...that's the way it is so it's fine I guess.

Website Traffic

For a business, that's important...especially if it's a small business like hubby's business. When they weren't very busy at work, he used to work on the website himself including SEO stuff. But that's no longer possible so they've been looking at internet marketing agency to help with that. They've never tried that before so this would something interesting. Knowing my husband, he wouldn't just pick out the first marketing agency that comes up when he searches for one. He will need something like triangle direct marketing results as basis before he chooses a company to help with their SEO. With that in mind, it would probably take him forever to find the one he's looking for.

Life's Simple Pleasures....

I saw this video on my friend's wall in FB. I think I watched it more than 10 times in FB. I didn't know how to share the FB video on my blog so I looked in You Tube and voila, I found it. I can't help but wish I can be as carefree as this little guy....and as patient as that dog. It's such a nice, heartwarming video. Our little one here still likes to step on puddles when she sees one. Shame on me for telling her not to.... Right now, we have a few puddles on the dirt road in front of our house because of the drizzles since this morning. Maybe I should go out there and play in one of them. Ah...if only I don't have to work. Ooopps...there goes life again. Sigh.

Quality Eyeglasses

I've been wearing eyeglasses eversince I was in high school. My first eyeglasses were hand me downs from a cousin. Not advisable I must say because prescription eyeglasses should be specifically prescribed to the wearer. Suffice to say, the first pair I had did more damage to my eyes instead of helping them. I learned my lesson after than of course. It took several years though before I actually got my very first pair of glasses. We didn't have the money to get me a pair right away so I just waited. When my father finally had the money to get me a pair, he made it a point to get me quality eyeglasses so they'd last long. His reasoning was it's better to spend a little more now for a good pair to last long than get a cheap pair only to be replaced after a month or so. He was right of course. I didn't have to replace my glasses for years. We only had to get replacements when they no longer fit my eyes needs.

Jinxed It?

It's rainy and wet around here today. The temperatures are still mild but a bit colder compared to the past couple of weeks. Does it mean I actually jinxed the almost perfect weather we've been having lately? Nah, I wouldn't take the fall for it. It was bound to happen sooner or later. It's winter y'all so we're just back to normal...for now. But knowing how crazy and confused our weather down here is, I'm not expecting it to remain the same for longer periods of time. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. I haven't really checked the forecast for the weekend but I'm hoping there won't be a lot of rain because I want to go to the store to get some goodies...Philippine goodies, of course. I'm running low already so I don't want to postpone it. But rain or shine, I'll try to go anyway. Speaking of the weekend, it's almost here! Days are going fast as usual. We're halfway through January. There are not a lot of 'occasions&#


The weather around here in the past couple of weeks can be summed up in one word: Gorgeous! That's of course a matter of opinion and to me, it's a perfect weather. It's mostly spring like temperatures and the plants, especially our BALD polonia tree are being tricked into 'thinking' it's blooming time. How so? The polonia tree lost all its leaves a few weeks ago...right around the time winter started. It's been bald sine then. But sometime last week, flowers started coming out. Yep, flowers in the middle of winter from a non-winter plant. I gues the poor tree is just as confused as the weather, eh? I'm sure the flowers will all fall off as soon as the temps drop to their normal range again. Anyway, I'm not complaining. Like I said, to me this is a perfect weather. I was able to sit on the back porch yesterday while I browsed the internet. The little one was able to sit on her swing until her poor bottom felt numb. If not for work, we would be out t

The Search Is On

It's been a couple of weekends now that we weren't able to go anywhere. Hubby got this unexpected 'rush job' so they had to work long hours plus the weekends to make the deadline for the jobs. As a result of that we have to put off some of our previous plans. One of these plans was going in the other house to check what needs to be done there. We haven't been there in months. We have someone that keeps watch but only on the outside. Also, we've been thinking of doing some repairs and upgrades to it before we commission another realtor. We don't have a lot of budget so we have to choose whether we'd replace the kitchen cabinet doors or the carpet as part of the upgrade. Yep, it's one or the other...unless we win the lottery between now and the time we make the decision. there's an idea. Anyway, my part in this scenario [carpet or cabinet doors] is to find which is cheaper to do. I have to do research on both...and I started with carpe

Packed Suitcase

No, we're not going anywhere. I'm not even talking about my suitcase. It's another one of those 'odd' things I found in the news. A few days ago, it's about a passenger on a plane that was duct taped on his seat because he bacame unruly during a flight...after drinking all the alcohol sold in the in-flight duty free store. Duh! This time around, it's about a convicted criminal who tried to escape prison...with the help of a partner from outside. Him trying to escape is not odd in itself but his way of escaping certainly is. He decided to be smuggled out of prison in a suitcase. Like those ordinary suitcase we see when we travel. Here he is in action . I guess he's a contortionist in his other life?

Making Resolutions

The new year is a few days old already. It's still fairly new but we are starting to get used to it already. Where are you now with your new year's resolutions? Have you been successful in following up? I'm not...because I don't make any new year resolutions. Haven't done that in forever. Still, whenever a new year starts many people still make a list of the things they want to either accomplish or want to happen in life. As usual losing weight tops the list. But some people can get into mre serious things like understanding life meaning or having a better life. I guess everyone wants to find their true life meaning. It's just a matter of doing something about it. Truth be told, I don't believe in new year's resolutions. I do believe in making resolutions, I just don't wait for a new year to make them. If I feel like I need to make some changes in my life, I try to make the change as soon as possible. This is the reason why I didn't wait for t

Going Back to Walking

I stopped walking on my Mobia for about 4 months [maybe even longer]. I just didn't feel like doing it one day and it went on for months. I thought I would just take a few days [maybe a couple of weeks] break from it but days turned into weeks then into months. The result? I gained back most of the weight I lost during those days I spent walking on it. I think I stopped completely sometime in the middle of 2012. By September, I could see the result of my 'imMobia-lity'. As expected, the spare tire became more visible again and the chin was showing its twin again. Of course the number on the scale was creeping up as well. No, I have not become obese...not even fat I might add. I just gained back the weight I worked so hard of shedding and that's kind of a bummer. Sigh. So sometime in October I decided to go back to my Mobia. From then on, I haven't stopped walking. I try to do it everyday during the weekday and rest during the weekend. Just like the last time I am

To Lose Weight

Just like in the past several years, losing weight tops the new year's resolution of a lot of people. I don't know how many of those are the same people but it's already becoming a habit for some. There's nothing wrong with making a resolution. What I find wrong is waiting for the new year to come to make the resolution. Anyway, we all know why this 'losing weight' always makes it to the list. It's because it's kind of easy to get off track. With all the yummy food out there, of course it's going to be hard. I know I have a hard time staying away from my personal comfort food...and that's why I resort to exercise now instead of depriving myself of the foods I like. Still, I'm not shedding what I want to so I'm seriously considering getting  healthy eating worksheets . No they're not exam or test worksheets. They're actually guides which can be used as placemats as well. Yep, something that we use everyday...everytime we eat. How c

Duct Taped to Seat

LOL. That's what you get when drink all the liquor in an on flight duty free shop. Again. LOL. What was he thinking? I guess he's not, eh? If you want to see how this guy looks like duct taped on his seat on the here . I don't fly much but isn't there some kind of a rule about alcohol consumption for passengers on board a flight? I know that intoxicated passengers cannot board a flight. Restaurants or other [on the ground] establishments can kick out patrons who are intoxicated. Maybe they should do that as well for flights, eh? Kick out intoxicated space? Ha! But seriously, passengers should not be allowed to consume the alcohol they buy from the in-flight duty free. Better yet, maybe they shouldn't sell alcohol on the plane. As if the plane ticket doesn't make them enough money, why do these airlines have to sell stuff to passengers during the flight? Ugh!

Carpet Dilemma

One of the things we want to do this year is to finally sell the other house. It's been a burden to us because it's an extra payment we've been making for the last several years already. We really want to sell it ASAP but it's a very tricky situation. Should we let stay as it is and just hope that someone will buy it or should we make some changes to it to make it more appealing? Honestly, we don't want to put down anymore money towards it. But doing some work with it may just do the tricks of finally selling it. So, we're trying to do bits and pieces right now. One of the big things that needs to be done in that house is the carpet. Since it's been vacant for years, the carpet needs some cleaning...professional cleaning I might add. I found a place that I like but they do carpet cleaning durham nc only. I've come across their website while I was browsing and the testimonials are great. Maybe I should give them a call and find out if they have a branch

First Weekend of 2013

Weather here this weekend will be gorgeous...and yet we'll be staying home most of the time...maybe. The Christmas feel around here is down to its last bits. I've stripped the Christmas tree off of its decors already. The tree itself is still standing...naked, I must add. I let McG take it down because it's kinda' big for me to mess with it. He's probably do that sometime this weekend as well. Once it's back in its box, it will be put away again for the next 11 months or so together with all its trimmings. Sad I must say. Sometimes I wish I'm one of those who can stand having a Christmas tree UP longer that it should but I'm not so I start putting away anything Christmas the weekend after NY. Anyway, I better start doing some of my usual chores already. Enjoy the weekend or outside the house.


It's been almost 5 years now since we moved in this house and out of the other one. We're happy with our current abode but not too happy with the fact that until now, our other house is still up for sale. We had a few inquiries over that course of time but none materialized. Thanks largely to the current housing situation, not many people want to invest in another house for now. As the years go by, we've been thinking of different ways to get rid of it. It would be wonderful to sell it but since that's not happening, we're now considering going to the bank to see what our options are. But before we do that, I decided to poke around online and see what's out there for homeowners like us. There are quite a lot of information out there but one that caught my attention is principal reduction program that one bank in particular is offering. It's basically an offer to reduce the principal of the mortgage.But upon reading more about this program, I realized that

Happy New Year...

It's the second day of brand new year but it doesn't feel like it's a brand new year at all to me. If not for the non-stop news about this fiscal cliff, I probably wouldn't even notice that it's 2013 already. Ha! But it is a brand new year and it is indeed 2013 already so...HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year bring you and your loved ones more blessings and harmony. Anyway, I welcomed the new year the same way I always bed...sleepy. That's probably why I'm sleepy throughout the year. Toink! That's what the old ones told us when we were growing up...whatever you're doing when the clock strikes 12 to welcome the new year, that's what you'll be doing the whole year through. I must say that 95% of the time, I'm either sleeping or sleepy when a new year comes rolling in. I even remember my mother telling my siblings not to wake me up. Hmmm....still, I was awake enough to kiss my prince frog...err...charming and wish him a happy new year. W