Quality Eyeglasses

I've been wearing eyeglasses eversince I was in high school. My first eyeglasses were hand me downs from a cousin. Not advisable I must say because prescription eyeglasses should be specifically prescribed to the wearer. Suffice to say, the first pair I had did more damage to my eyes instead of helping them. I learned my lesson after than of course. It took several years though before I actually got my very first pair of glasses. We didn't have the money to get me a pair right away so I just waited. When my father finally had the money to get me a pair, he made it a point to get me quality eyeglasses so they'd last long. His reasoning was it's better to spend a little more now for a good pair to last long than get a cheap pair only to be replaced after a month or so. He was right of course. I didn't have to replace my glasses for years. We only had to get replacements when they no longer fit my eyes needs.


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