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Used vs New

The place where our little is taking her piano lesson is also a music store. They have almost all of the musical instruments except for a piano. I think most of their instruments are also used because a lot of them look vintage. They're in good condition though. Last weekend I went around the store to see the different instruments and how much they cost. The first things I checked were the guitars. I saw a lot of different makers like Yamaha and Fender. I must say the prices are not very appealing to me because they're still a bit expensive considering they're used instruments. When I got home I decided to check online and saw that a brand new  squier at is cheaper than the used ones in that music store. I'm not sure if the store has a squier but I will definitely look when we got there this weekend.

Always Grateful

Our little one just celebrated a birthday. True to our nature we didn't have any big celebration. She just wanted to eat at her favorite restaurant and we did but on a different date because her birthday itself was on a weekday. We went the weekend before. Aside from that dinner there's only one other thing she wanted. Instead of a cake she wanted to bake we did. We had fun baking her birthday brownie but we had a lot more fun when she decided that she wanted to form a pyramid using squares of brownies. The brownie was gooey inside so we had a hard time cutting it in perfect squares. We were cracking up as we were trying to form the pyramid using the uneven brownie squares. She really had a ball while we were trying to figure out how to go about building her pyramid but we did it. We put one candle on top of it so she had something to blow after her happy birthday song. One of the things we did a couple of weeks before her birthday was enroll her to a piano clas

Perfect Gift

I've been racking my brain as to what to give our little one for her upcoming birthday. She's not much help because she really doesn't one anything but a brownie cake for her birthday....and to eat in her favorite restaurant. But I still feel like I want to get her something. Then I learned that Guitar Center has, zoom h2n at a great price!  It's a recorder that she can use making her little movies in her little gadget. As it is right now she's only using the recorder on her gadget and the quality is really poor. With this little recorder I'm pretty sure her 'movies' will have better quality audio. I can't wait for her to get it and use it. She'll definitely love it.

Summer Forward

The only time I'm reminded that it's Spring already is because of the so-called 'spring forward'. For those not familiar with 'spring forward', it's when we adjust our clocks an hour ahead thus resulting in a lost hour so to speak. It's part of the daylight savings time that I really don't understand, well I do, I just don't get why it has to be done. Anyway, that happened about a month ago. I'm now adjusted to it but where did Spring go? It's still spring technically but the temps we have are very much summer like temps now. It seems Spring sprung too much that it skipped us altogether. Oh well. Since Spring skipped us, we may not be able to bike around the neighborhood because it's too hot to do that now. We can still do that but we may have to do it in the park instead. We have no summer plans in place but it doesn't mean anything. We like to do spur of the moment trips/stuff. One time we just decided to drive for 8 hours to