Always Grateful

Our little one just celebrated a birthday. True to our nature we didn't have any big celebration. She just wanted to eat at her favorite restaurant and we did but on a different date because her birthday itself was on a weekday. We went the weekend before. Aside from that dinner there's only one other thing she wanted. Instead of a cake she wanted to bake we did. We had fun baking her birthday brownie but we had a lot more fun when she decided that she wanted to form a pyramid using squares of brownies. The brownie was gooey inside so we had a hard time cutting it in perfect squares. We were cracking up as we were trying to form the pyramid using the uneven brownie squares. She really had a ball while we were trying to figure out how to go about building her pyramid but we did it. We put one candle on top of it so she had something to blow after her happy birthday song.

One of the things we did a couple of weeks before her birthday was enroll her to a piano class. It has nothing to do with her birthday though but there's a reason behind why we decided to do that. She has this keyboard sitting in her bedroom for about 6 years. She never really showed any interest in learning how to play it so we decided to just put it away and stash it in her closet. A couple of months ago she had a dream...a few of them actually. In her dream she could play the piano/keyboard quite well. She said the dreams felt really real that she'd wake up disappointed that she actually couldn't play the piano. So we asked her if she wants to learn and without hesitation she said yes. She's so happy with us enrolling her to piano lessons that she calls it her best birthday present ever. It wasn't really a birthday present but she's always been like that. Everything that we do for her, she considers it a gift. She always expresses how grateful she is for everything no matter how small or big it is...and for that I'm happy because it shows that she appreciates the things we do for her.


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