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Out with the Old ~ In the New...

Here's to health and happiness!A toast to the New Year!Peace and joy to all of us!Prosperity and cheer!

Alvin and The Chipmunks...Chipwrecked!

That's what we watched the movie theater. We don't normally do that but since we have a 'week off'...yes, including the Daddy, we decided to head out and give in to the little one's request. She is a 'Chipmunk' avid fan. She has the DVDs of the first 2 movies as well as the CDs for the 3 films. She also has the little Chipmunks/Chippettes dolls that we got her a few months ago. She probably watched the 2 DVDs she has a million times but I never really sat down and watched them. Yesterday was the first time I've actually seen a Chipmunk movie in its entirety. It's entertaining especially the music but it's also obviously for kids. The little one enjoyed it to the max and that's what counts, right? Will I recommend it? If you have kids then yes. If you like hearing high squeaky voices for about an hour and a half, then go see it. If not...then you're better off watching something else.

Moving Here

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe Moving to Texas wasn’t something I had in mind but when my brother got sick we all rallied around him. I was only in New York to take that cooking job and since the economy had gone south it didn’t look like I was going to get promoted anytime soon so I came on home. I moved back in with mom and dad and I’ve actually been able to really help them get this house up to speed. I had dad help me stain the deck last weekend and I got Direct TV Lubbock for all the rooms so we’d have something to do (I forgot how boring it is where I grew up) and I even asked mom about getting kitchen cabinet lighting. Anyway, I think Bob really appreciates that we’re all so close as he recovers and I just feel like this is what family’s all about. If you’re not going to be there for each other what’s the point of having relatives, you know what I mean?

New Year, New House....

That will to be the case with my older brother and his family in 2012. Im very happy for them because after all the 'false hopes' they will finally be able to move into their very own house. It's actually their second house because they have another house right by the one where we grew up. But when their kids started going to college, they decided to rent an apartment so they would still be together instead of just letting their kids rent on their own. Now that their kids are all of which is alreayd married with 2 kids, they are still cramped in an apartment because they've gotten to love the city they're in now. I've been in that apartment years ago and it was cramped then with their belongings plus whatever trophies and awards the kids got in school at that time as well as a lot of their other knick-knacks. I actually thought they slept standing up when I was there. My niece actually moved out when she got married but when she had her first


Some rest! Looking forward to a few days of break from all the hustle and bustle that the holiday season has become. Compared to other people, ours was very much on the down low so I can only imagine how tired those who go all the way must be. The weather on this Christmas day is perfect...for me anyway. Very mild. No rain. We stayed home all day but it was fun since we're together. Hubby called his family to greet them and I've been calling mine [overseas] since yesterday since they greeted Christmas 12 hours ahead of us. It's always a happy/sad time when I talk to them especially during the holiday season. I miss celebrating Christmas with them as well as the way we celebrate it back home...but this is home now so I have to get used to it. The million dollar question is still...when are you coming home? I just laugh it off now because I really have no idea when. To divert attention, I just pass the phone to the little one. That always works because they get excited whenev

Late Christmas Present?

Or should I wait for the next occasion and just get it then? Everytime there is an occasion it's always hard for me to find something to give the husband...and this Christmas is no exception. But unlike last Christmas when I almost came up empty [almost because we managed to get him something at the last minute], this year the little one and I were able to find something to give him with a few more days to spare. Woot! I can safely say we've done good this holiday season. I am not looking for anymore gifts for him but then I came across model planes on sale online. I know for a fact that he is very much into model planes even before we met. He actually built one himself years ago which is neatly stashed in the attic. I haven't seen it because it's always been in a box but it's there. Anyway I know he will really like to get a model plane as a gift...but we already got him some things so I decided that I will probably order some and just keep them somewhere and give

To One & All....

Let's not forget the true meaning of this day...the REASON for the SEASON!

Our Weekend...and My Gift!

It's "my Santa's" present for me. Unlike last year where I 'requested' for my present from him, this year I didn't have anything in particular [in material form anyway] that I wanted so I didn't request for anything. He asked and I couldn't think of anything. Truth be told, if I want something for myself, I usually buy it...sometimes with his knowledge but most of the time...without. LOL! Anyway, we went out this weekend...again. I didn't think we were going anywhere on Sunday but the hubs wanted to go to a different mall that I haven't been to. So a little after lunch we went our merry way. It's about an hour's trip so we let the little one watch a video on her 'little TV' as she calls it [it's actually one of those portable DVDs]. I'm glad we brought that thing along or we would have been peppered with 'Is it still far?' from her because we got caught in a traffic jam on the way. We sat in traffic for an ad

Our Christmas Card...

This is our very simple Christmas card this year. As usual, I ordered them online. I made 2 cards, one is the typical folded card and this single page greeting card with the pictures in front and the blank space at the back. As you can see, I used our family pictures as the front and the little one's 'art work' at the back. Last year, I sent out the out of the box [envelope?] Christmas cards because I didn't feel like making a personalized one. I still believe it's the thought that counts so any card will do, right? Anyway, eversince the little one started writing and drawing I let her sign the cards herself. During the first couple of years, most of her message would be in 'art' form....DOODLES in other words...which I thought was cute. Now that she can write, the 'main message' is still that...DOODLES! I asked her to write a longer message but her reply was: Can I still draw something? Oh least now she writes something on it with a matchi

Should We..., I mean? With the impending vacation we're going to take in the not so far future, I can't help but think...should I start looking at vacation rental homes or wait until it's really sure we're actually taking a vacation? Knowing me, I'd probably go with the former and start looking now...or ASAP. But then again there is another factor to consider before I can do that. Our destination is close to hubby's family, paticularly an older sister that he's quite close to. I have a feeling that once everything is planned out and is definite, we may just get an invite to stay with them if not for the duration of the vacation but even just for a few days. Personally, I am not very comfortable with that. I know they will probably want to get together as much as possible but I would rather we stay somewhere else during our stay there instead of them accommodating us. I have no idea how I'm going to tell the hubs about my preference but I know he'll under

Sore Back!

I decided to re-start an exercise routine I used to do before I had the dizzy spells 2 weeks ago. I stopped doing it along with using the elliptical after those episodes but I came back on the machine sometime last week. Anyway, I decided to do half the routine yesterday. The result...a sore back now. Mind you it wasn't hard core exercise. It was just a little bit of stretching and some planking. Still, I feel the soreness on my back like I did the whole routine itself. As a result, I wasn't able to do any exercise today. Instead, I lingered in bed for 30 minutes more than I usually do. Oh well...maybe I can go on my elliptical tomorrow. Anyway, I've been trying to keep myself busy today. Work has slowed quite a bit in the last few days and from what I've heard, it won't go back up until after new year...or even later. Many of my colleagues are fretting about it but I'm trying not to. We know this is normal at this time of the year but with the way the economy i

Skiing in the Near Future?

Maybe? Most probably not? Hubby really wants to go somewhere snowy sometime soon. He says he wants me and the little one to experience snow. Hmm...why do I get the feeling that's not entirely true? Anyway, he grew up where snow is abundant during the winter time and he misses that cold weather. He doesn't like the hot weather that we have here but his business is here so he has no choice for now but to stay put. Anyway, he's been talking about this trip for quite a while now so there is a chance it may just happen sooner than later. I'm looking forward to it if only to see snow for once in my life but what I'm not thrilled about is his plan of us skiing once we're there. I've never even seen a ski in my life [well, maybe on a ski rack in an online store somewhere] and the thought of getting on those skis don't seem appealing to me at the moment. He said it's fun but I'm not too sure about that. It's all a plan for now. But some plans can bec


I've been having some issues about my internet connection for the last month or so. At first it was just on and off throughout the day. I thought it's all because of our unreliable service. I was very close in giving them a call. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't want them telling me to mess up with the computer and the modem/router. I just didn't feel comfortable doing that. I wanted 'McGyver' ~ the hubs ~ to do that not me...and he did the other night. Woot! It turned our modem/router is having a case of 'overload'. Yep, we've overloaded the poor thing with our devices around the house. The CS said that it has to be configured to be able to handle all the devices we have 'riding on it'. The problem is we couldn't get in the gadget itself so they're sending us a new one. Hopefully it's configured to handle 101 devices so we won't have to deal with this problem anymore. Right now, I am back working on my laptop

12 More Days

...before Christmas! And I'm missing Christmas in the Philippines once again...:( Not just the idea of being with my family back home but I'm missing the way I used to celebrate Christmas...mainly attending the dawn masses. I don't get to that anymore and I'm missing it big time. I also miss the noche buena...even if there were eves when I was asleep due to exhaustion from traveling. Sigh...hopefully I'll be able to do that again someday.... Anyway, according to the news, today will probably be the biggest & busiest shipping day of the year. This week will also be busiest in terms of online last minute shopping. I'm guilty as charged when it comes to that because I just placed a last minute order online. I'm crossing my fingers it will make it before the day itself. Just like many others, the little one is very excited about Christmas. This is mainly because of the presents she's anticipating to get on that day. She's a child so it's 'som

Getting Back Into the Groove...

Trying to anyway. After more than a week of not getting on my elliptical, I was able to do it this morning. Yay me! I stopped because of the dizzy spells I had early last week which lasted for about 4 days. I decided to see my doctor on Monday and he said that I probably had vertigo. I kinda' knew it's vertigo because I read about it online [of course] and most of the symptoms I had were right on. He also checked my inner ear and found out I have a little bit of fluid in there probably caused by my allergies. That alone may have caused the dizziness he said. He asked how bad my allergy is and I had to tell him it's a day to day thing to me. He gave me some nasal spray to try and see if it helps. If it does then he will prescribe it for me. If not...I may have to go see an allergy doctor who will probably tell me to get shots...NO!!!!! But I'm glad I was able to go back to my routine. Hopefully I can keep at it in the coming days.... As for our weather this afternoon...h

Still Looking...

And I thought I was done. Yep, I'm back at looking for some scrubs for a niece this time around. I think I mentioned it here [or was it in my other blog?] but I was doing the same thing no too long ago when my nephew asked me for a favor. He wanted me to send him mens medical scrubs that he can use once he starts his duty at the hospital as a resident doctor. Well, as a proud aunt I of course did just that. As soon as he asked me I went ahead and got him some new scrubs. It was my little gift to him for passing the medical board exam and becoming the first doctor in the family. I thought I didn't have to do that anymore but I was wrong. One of my nieces saw her doctor cousin in scrubs and asked him where he got them. I guess he didn't want to lie so he told her that I sent them to him. Now my niece who's aiming to become a nurse so sweetly asked me for a Christmas gift...of scrubs for her

Grays & Acnes...

I don't know which one is worse. The grays on my head have been happening for a while now but it's been getting really 'lighter' up there. I used to pull the grays out or ask the little one to pull them out but this time around, I may just go bald if they're pulled. Actually hubby has been teasing me for the longest time that I may just go bald before him because of my habit of pulling the grays out. It actually became like an 'obssession' for me to pull them all out. But that's no longer possible. In a couple of months, I may just have to do something I've NEVER done in my life...DYE my hair. I'm not sure if I should be looking forward to it since it's something new or be scared about it because it's going to be Ha! Oh well...I guess I'll know when I get there, eh? As for the acnes...they just started happening a few weeks ago. I guess it has something to do with my hormones that are running wild at the moment. My bo

Clothes Shopping...

...has changed big time in this household as far as our little one is concerned. Before if I needed to buy her clothes I just go to a children's clothing store and get whatever she needed in that store. Now, I have to go to different stores. One day I'm at a children's clothing store, the next I'm looking at a the junior clothing store. Why? Because she's at that age where her clothes sizes are off. Most of the clothes in a children's clothing store are too small for her while the ones in the juniors are either too small or are not age appropriate. At least to me they're not...age appropriate I mean. Anyway, this past weekend we went out to shop for some house decors and some clothes for her as well. Everytime we do that, I still go to the children's section of the store only to move to the other departments because I couldn't find her size. At the end, I just gave up and told her we'll look online. Aside from the size dilemma, her ever changing

It's Beginning to Feel...

... a lot like Christmas! The temperature around here has been on the low side for the past several days already. The little one has been catching some old Christmas shows on TV lately like 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and 'Charlie Brown'. And last night I caught a glimpse of a Christmas variety show already. So....yes, Christmas is definitely in the air. A few days ago I was also asked already by my Santa what I want for Christmas. Hmm...that one is a toughie because I never really know what I want. Although this year there is one thing I would want above everything else....good health not only for me but for everyone I care, friends. Personally, it seems that my health hasn't been the best for the past several weeks now. Nothing serious...I hope. But because of all these little aches and pains I've been feeling, I can't help but wish for a better health...and this time I really mean it. I used to wish for that just to poke fun at myself