Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Christmas Card...

This is our very simple Christmas card this year. As usual, I ordered them online. I made 2 cards, one is the typical folded card and this single page greeting card with the pictures in front and the blank space at the back. As you can see, I used our family pictures as the front and the little one's 'art work' at the back. Last year, I sent out the out of the box [envelope?] Christmas cards because I didn't feel like making a personalized one. I still believe it's the thought that counts so any card will do, right? Anyway, eversince the little one started writing and drawing I let her sign the cards herself.

During the first couple of years, most of her message would be in 'art' form....DOODLES in other words...which I thought was cute. Now that she can write, the 'main message' is still that...DOODLES! I asked her to write a longer message but her reply was: Can I still draw something? Oh least now she writes something on it with a matching signature at the bottom. Oh if it's any consolation...the 'artwork' on the back of each card is unique. two cards have the same doodles....hmmmmm....

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Beng Gee said...

Wow, how beautiful! Not only how the card was made but the family's photos and Erica's! Ang ganda talaga! Sobrang bilis ng pagiging dalaga ni E! And her penmanship, wla ako masabi! Mas maganda pa kesa sa sulat ko. haha!

Btw, have you seen in the news the outcome of typhoon sendong in Mindanao? Kalungkot! Pasko pa naman!

Are you done with your shopping yet? Ako dito, wala! as in wla talaga! :(

Have a bright new week ahead Huling!