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Another Interest....

for the little one anyway. A few weeks ago, she and I started playing badminton almost everyday. I was the one that initiated playing badminton because we're trying to make her do more physical activities. Since it's just the two of us most of the time, badminton is a perfect game. We have been having a lot of fun for at least 30 minutes daily hitting that shuttlecock [aka birdie] back and forth. It's something she looks forward to ~ and so do I ~ everyday to cap off her school day. Just recently as well, she also got interested in learning another game. But this time around it's a game for the brain...chess! I don't really know what brought on her interest in chess but I'm glad [and so is the Dad] that she is interested in learning it. Unfortunately I don't know how to play it but the Daddy does so he's the one that is teaching her. It has become their nightly routine [before bedtime] to play a game. They've been playing for the last 2 weeks [I


I need a silver cleaner. We don't have any real silver ware but I have a few silver jewelry pieces that I need to clean. I found this hagerty silver cleaner  already but since I'm not familiar with silver cleaner I have to ask hubby about it first. Anyway, silver jewelry is my metal of choice for everyday use especially when I was still in the Philippines. I wasn't afraid to wear them when I go to places there because even if I lose them it wouldn't be as bad as losing gold or platinum. Fortunately I never lost any of them. That's probably because snatchers know they're not as valuable as the other two metals. Regardless, I still like silver jewelry a lot. That's why I want to clean the ones I've had since way back when.

And It's Raining...

After a couple of rain-free days, it's now raining. There is always that chance of rain everyday but it didn't happen around here. I guess today is our day for it, eh? The little one isn't too thrilled about it because it means we won't be able to play our daily dose of badminton. We didn't play for most of last week because of the rain. This week we were able to play everyday which is good because it severs as an exercise for both of us. If we can't play today, I'd probably ask her to play tomorrow...if we don't have any other plans anyway. Oh yeah I almost's TGIF today! We have no big plans for the weekend even if it's a long weekend here as it's Labor Day on Monday. I'm guessing somebody in this house will be working during the weekend because they still have some unfinished work that needs done ASAP. Oh well...what else is new, eh? You have to do what you have to do to make it and if it means working while others are not


A friend in North Carolina was finally able to bring his fiancée and their small son with him back here when he came back a few months ago. They just got hitched a few weeks ago to make everything official. Before his little family got here my friend bought a house in Chapel Hill where they will be residing for good. Since a lot of houses are for sale nowadays, he didn't have hard time finding the perfect first family home for them. As soon as he got the house, he sent me an email with pictures attached. It wasn't a brand new house and it needed some cleaning a little upgrade but it's perfect for him and his family. He made sure the house was ready when they got here that he looked for a  carpet cleaning chapel hill nc   company right away. His son is only 2 years old. He likes to roll around just like any other kid so it's very important that the carpet around the house is spic and span when he got here. Now, they are all settled and happy in their humble abode. Most o

Sporty Me...Not!

I never played sports when I was growing up. I had the mandatory Physical Education classes in high school and I never liked it whenever we had to play some kind of sport. The same with college. It's even worse in college because we had play volleyball and basketball during one of my PE courses. I barely passed those classes and I believe that my teacher gave me a passing mark out of pity. Ha! The reason for my dislike especially for volleyball is because I bruise like a peach. I remember playing a couple of volleyball games and both my arms were black and blue for days after those games. I guess my teacher took pity on me and tried not to put me in the line-up unless it's necessary. Anyway, I play badminton with the little one almost everyday. This kind of 'sport' I enjoy because there is no direct contact therefore no bruising for me...except if I fall down trying to chase that 'birdie'. How I wish they offered badminton back then in PE class. I know they of

Anti-Fatigue Mats

It seems that fatigue is causing someone I know [aka husband] some stress. Or can it be the other way around? Whichever it is I thought of searching online to find some ways to help with fatigue. As expected there are several suggestions online on how to fight fatigue but what caught my attention is this the anti-fatigue mat. I can't help but ask the question: what are anti fatigue mats ? I don't think I've ever heard of them before. These mats are recommended especially for those that stand for longer periods of time. As the name suggests, the mat will help lessen the feeling of fatigue after a long day's work. Perfect. When the work is there I know that the husband has to remain standing for hours while working. I guess I would have to suggest an anti-fatigue mat for their shop then, eh?

"Ber" Months

We're a day away from the start of what some Filipinos like to call the 'ber' months. I'm not sure if kids today feel the same way we did back then  but when I was growing up my friends and I got very excited when September comes. Why? Because it served as the start of our countdown for Christmas. Yep, we were shallow. It's not the same here though. Here there are 2 big events before the holiday season. Still, that doesn't stop stores around here to display stuff for Christmas as early Yep, some stores have some Christmas stuff, Halloween stuff and Thanksgiving stuff out all at the same time. There are times when I'm actually tempted to buy Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff/decors and put them up only to take them down after the holiday season. I have not done that but we have a neighbor around here that does that. Actually she doesn't take down her Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations...she lets Mother nature blow them away. Depending on the we

Should I?

I am looking at this classic irig hd at musician's friend right now. It's not something I actually need myself but I'm thinking for getting it for somebody I know for Christmas. It's not really cheap but I'm sure he's going to love this piece of gadget because he's been talking about it for quite a while now. He didn't ask me to get it for him but I really want to surprise him with it, maybe for Christmas. I still have a couple of months to think about it but I'm tempted to get it now because it's the cheapest I could find...for now. Should I wait or should I get it now? Decisions...decisions...

The Weekend's Over?

Did it even come? I guess it did because I'm tired! Yep, that seems to be the norm around here after the weekend. The little one even asked me while we're having breakfast if I felt the same way, meaning tired and sleepy, when Monday came when I was still in school. My reply was 'of course!'. I have to assure her that it's normal. Come to think of it, we should be all vibrant and full of life on Mondays, right? Instead we are sluggish and tired and sleepy and....[insert here all the not so good feelings we get when Mondays come rolling in]. Not fair for Monday I must say. And Fridays....we're all vibrant and happy...after a full week of nothing but work. Hmm....kinda' ironic if you ask me. I can go on and on here about my anti-Monday rants but I won't. Instead I'll go on with my other rants. Nah...just kidding. We finally had a full weekend spent together. The man of the house didn't work so we were able to go somewhere after a long time....t

A Cool Sight to Behold....

We've been having some pretty nasty rains around here the past few days. But before I get into that, let me share with you something cool that the little one saw first right on our backyard. Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at around 4:30 in the afternoon, we saw a rainbow right on our backyard. As I mentioned, it was the little one that saw it first. She of course had to call me. I've seen rainbows before and so has she but it's quite different when you see one that's on your backyard and within reach. I grabbed my camera hoping to get a picture of it but it was hard. It was raining and my camera is not water proof so I had to settle with taking the pictures while I was in the house. The pictures didn't come out expected but I'm sharing them here nonetheless. You may have to look a bit harder to see the rainbow...but it's there. Just click on the pictures to see it better. With that...let me wish a everyone a great weekend ahead.

How They've Grown

I came across this old post in this blog. It's about the day we [meaning: hubby] planted the bottle brushes on our yard. It took us about a year from the day we moved in to finally start planting something and our first project were these bottle brushes. We planted them in June 2009 so it's been 4 years. Wonder how they look like now? The title of this post says it they've grown. Here's the picture on the day they were planted.... As you can see, they were just 'babies'...and they were the only plants on the ground, well aside from the still pretty grass of course. Here they are now... They tallest is probably about 8 ft now. The little one was a lot taller than them when we planted them. Now, it's the other way around.  They didn't turn out to be as bushy as we wanted them to be but it's fine. Also, they grew at different paces. A couple of them are not as healthy looking as the rest but they're all surviving the crazy

All Set Up

My brother just sent me the link of his band's page in one social network. He's the one that set it up so he's very excited to share it with me. He also wants to show me pictures of some of their backyard gigs as well as the different instruments and gadgets they already have which they have set up in their little studio. Their band has been jamming for a few years. In that amount of time they're able to buy their gadgets one at a time as their 'budget' lets them. I mentioned here that he even asks me every now and then to look for certain things like this line 6 guitar amp at musician's friend . He doesn't ask me to buy anything for his band but if one day I can afford to buy something for his band like this amplifier, I will in a heartbeat. I know how much he enjoys playing music and it makes me very happy if I can do something for him and his band. I just wish I can do that now. Oh well, I guess helping them search is enough for now. Maybe one day I&#


Let's pretend it is, surprising I mean...that it's already TGIF. Yes? I think that would be hard to pull off knowing how much we've been watching the days. With that being said....enjoy your weekend everyone. I 'heard' that it's going to be a rainy weekend for us especially in the afternoons but that's fine. It's the weekend....what more can I ask for, right?

Today is Wednesday!

Just in case you're not keeping track of the days. Ha! Actually I just can't think of a better title. It's a very slow day here so I thought of updating here. I'm quite sleepy so I need to keep myself busy or I will nod off if I don't. I had a restless sleep last night probably because I'm a wee bit anxious about some things that are going on both here and abroad. Huh? Anyway, the extra strength allergy medicine I took this morning and the gloomy day we have at the moment are not all. Well, the allergy med made the sneezing stop but I feel all lethargic now. I've also been watching You Tube to ward off sleepiness as well as reading my daily dose of news. One news that caught my attention is about coffee...and 'selfies'. I'm sure you're familiar with coffee but if you're not familiar with a 'selfie''s a picture of yourself taken by yourself. Many post selfies on FB, twitter and/or Instagram. I've never p

Stop It, Garfield!

    Such a grouch, isn't he? Can anyone relate? I sure can...sometimes.   As usual, the weekend went by fast. It was definitely a lazy weekend for us. Saturday was the usual chores day. Unlike the past couple of weekends I didn't do any weeding. I did a little bit of work outside late morning...I transplanted some of the lily bulbs to even out the space between them. It only took a few minutes to do that. That's all I did outside. I spent most of the day inside. Yesterday Sunday was spent at home. Hubby was home but he was really sore. His back has been bothering him for days so he's been walking around like a 90-year old man. Still he asked me if I wanted to do something, meaning go somewhere. How could I even think of doing that when he's in pain like that? So we stayed home bugging each other and watching some shows. I even took a short nap while he read something. The little one...busy tinkering with her books and gadgets.   Anyway, here's wis


Almost! Actually it's Friday already in some parts of the! Yeah! I don't have much to do so I thought of updating this blog. I actually thought of doing that yesterday but I got busy with I don't know what so I'm doing it today instead. Nothing new around always. Somehow I like it that way. Things have been kinda' mellow. There are a couple of 'stressors' but I'm trying not to dwell on them [read: ignore them or 'dedma]. Hubs is still very busy at work which equates to him being stressed. He does not bring home work stuff which is good since he can have some time to relax. Sometimes he tells me about what's happening but that's basically the end of it. I get more stressed than him when he tells me things like their vendors that don't deliver on time which results to them not being able to meet the deadlines....or customers who are unreasonable with their demands. There's not much I can do about it

Eerily Quiet Here

So...Boo! I've been meaning to post here before the week [yes, last week] ended but for some strange reason/s [read: lazy me!], I wasn't able to...but here I am now giving it a shot. Our weekend has been busy. I'm busy continuing my weeding adventure while the hubs is busy finishing a job. He is at work right now...yes, on a Sunday, still working on that job. As usual, it's just the little one and I here at home minding our own business. I have some chores to do as soon as I get off here so it won't be a lazy day for me. In the meantime, the little one is busy tinkering with her gadgets. She only gets them [her iPod and Nintendo] on the weekends [after she's done with her chores] because they pose too much distractions with her school work during the week so she surrenders them to me on Sunday night for safekeeping. Anyway, unlike last weekend, my weeding chore is not causing me as much aches and pains this time around. I still feel some here and there but