And It's Raining...

After a couple of rain-free days, it's now raining. There is always that chance of rain everyday but it didn't happen around here. I guess today is our day for it, eh? The little one isn't too thrilled about it because it means we won't be able to play our daily dose of badminton. We didn't play for most of last week because of the rain. This week we were able to play everyday which is good because it severs as an exercise for both of us. If we can't play today, I'd probably ask her to play tomorrow...if we don't have any other plans anyway.

Oh yeah I almost's TGIF today! We have no big plans for the weekend even if it's a long weekend here as it's Labor Day on Monday. I'm guessing somebody in this house will be working during the weekend because they still have some unfinished work that needs done ASAP. Oh well...what else is new, eh? You have to do what you have to do to make it and if it means working while others are not, then so be it. Maybe we'll hit the lottery jackpot one of these days and retire sooner than expected. I can dream can't I?


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