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Reasons to Get Married...

Of course we all have different reasons why we get married. Of course LOVE must be on top of those reasons, right? Cheesy as it may seem, that's the only reason I took the plunge. I honestly didn't plan on it but here I am, married for more than 10 years and I couldn't be happier. Anyway, this is not about me or my reasons for getting married. For once, it's about somebody else...haha. I came across an old post here with an accompanying picture and I thought of posting the picture again because I find it amusingly funny. It's about an 84-year bride who got married for the fourth, yes, fourth time. She had her reasons of course and that's what made it on...

Cheese Monster...

Hubby loves cheese...especially italian cheese ! If there is such a thing as a cheese monster, then that will be him, no doubt about it. I don't think there's a day when he wouldn't eat cheese. But that had to change. Much as he loves cheese, he had to give up eating it as much as he used to. Don't get me wrong, he still eats cheese regularly. He just doesn't live for it anymore. I guess that's what happens when you get older. Your body starts giving you signs that you're eating too much of something...and that's what his body did. He was advised by our doctor that he had to cut on his dairy intake so cheese had to be eaten moderately now. I on the other hand still eats my favorite smoked cheese when I find it. For some reason we don't always find it on the shelf in the store. I tried some other kind but none compares to my favorite kind. For now, I try to get my cheese fix from cheese crackers or some cheese strings. Fortunately, our doctor hasn&#

'Tis the Season...

...hurricane season I mean! Thankfully, this last one ~ Isaac ~ didn't really hit us. It brought some rain overnight until early this morning but that's about it. We are in the middle of the hurricane season so it's not really a surprise that we're having them at the moment. Hopefully we won't have any hurricanes coming our way during this season. Anyway, it's another week...and it's the last week of August already. I've been quite busy with a lot of things lately. Not work related I must say because work is still as slow as can be..sigh.:( It's somehow a good thing because I am able to spend time getting the little one ready for this school year. We will be doing things a little different this year, probably in the next couple of years as well depending on how good this one turns out to be. I decided to enroll her to a virtual school instead of doing everything on our own. She's been approved already and we're currently waiting on final co

A Visit to a Museum

It's been a plan for several weeks and it finally happened over the weekend. We visited MOSI which stands for Museum of Science and Industry. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that the place doesn't seem to be well-maintained. From the outside, it looks run down already. Hubby said that the place could use some pressure washing on the outside and I couldn't agree more. Truth be told, because of the state of the place, I have no desire to go back. Anyway, here are some of the things we saw at the place. Butterfly garden. There are not a lot of variety...but at least the little one was able to see them up close. She's been chasing butterflies in our yard so she's happy she got up close and personal with them. Mummy exhibit. Probably the most interesting part of our trip to the place. I was surprised the little one agreed to actually go in there. She's quite scared of mummy and skeleton so I was expecting her to freak out. She didn't....well, maybe just a

Popcorn, anyone?

I am not much of a snack eater but if there is one snack I don't really mind having, it has to be popcorn . Same goes for my family so much so that we used to buy boxes of the microwable popcorn so we could have it anytime our hearts desire which is quite often I must say. That was our habit until we got some not so good health news for the husband. His cholesterol isn't that good. That meant we have to do some adjustments with the food we eat. We did some modifications on some foods while eliminating some...microwavable pop-corn included. We've always tried to eat healthy and we knew popcorn is one of the healthier snacks out there. We know it's a good source of fiber and low in calorie, of course depending on how it's prepared. I even read that it has more antioxidants than some other fruits. We used to buy just the plain one but even that had some not so good ingredients that can harm our health so we decided to just totally ditch it and so we said buh-bye to...

The Eleventh!

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Yep, 11 years of being husband and wife. We're thriving...mainly because we follow what's written above. Ha! Seriously, it isn't that hard to get this far simply because we know from the day we met that we want to spend the rest of our lives together. So come hell or high waters, we'll stick it out...that is if I learn how to swim before that 'high water' comes along. Happy anniversary to my dear husband!

Baby Blues?

One of my nephews and his wife had their first baby a couple of months ago. I've been asking them to post pictures and they finally did a few days ago. What can I say....she's as cute as can be. Just looking at her pictures makes me want to have one right about now. But that's not going to happen. Much as I want to have one, I don't think we'll be fair to the baby since physically, we're just not as fit as we were once. Instead, I decided to go down memory lane and popped our baby videos on the DVD player. Voila! Instant baby. LOL! That's basically what we've been doing since last weekend...watching the little one's baby videos and getting a kick out of her antics as a toddler. It's amazing how different yet the same she's been. Her mannerisms and the say she talks are very much the same. She's still a chatterbox and she said she just can't stand being called one....haha. I believe I posted a video here of her being a chatterbox tha


Don' you just hate them? I know they have their role on the planet but I'm just not crazy about their role in our lives. I grew up in an old house. It's mostly wood and not much concrete. That means I've seen and experienced termites up close and personal. Where I grew up, we didn't have professionals like  pest control mesa around so we had to try and do the damage control ourselves. Needless to say, it's usually a futile attempt. We didn't know what we were doing so after days of 'getting rid' of the pesky termites, we'd see them again usually in the other parts of the house. Let me just say, they wreaked havoc into our lives. Today, we hire professionals to do that. That is the only way to go if we want to really get rid of these termites. As a matter of fact, when we had our house built, they already started the pest control treatment. After that initial treatment, we make sure that we have some professionals come periodically to see if we


It's been a so-so week. Not much of excitement. That's fine by me because it's also less stressful. If there's one thing I can ask for, it's probably a little bit of work. I can sense from our boss' emails that she's also not happy that we've been having some kind of a drought as far as work is concerned. But that's how it is everywhere, unfortunately. Let's hope things will turn around ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend!

Passing Time

Surfing online, watching TV, reading, cleaning...and the list goes on and on and on. Work has been slow for quite sometime now so I have to do something to pass time when I'm not busy working or teaching the little one. Of all those I mentioned, surfing online probably takes the bacon. I'm always online. Sometimes I'm checking pictures, sometimes I check jewelry deals of the day in my favorite websites. Just like any other red-blooded woman out there, jewelry is something I fancy. I don't go crazy and buy everything I like but if I see a good deal, then I grab it. Jewelry is something that don't go bad. It's a good investment because it's more stable compared to other investments out there especially if it's gold or platinum or even silver. But even if I don't buy, I still enjoy looking at them. Maybe one day I'll have all the money I need in order to splurge on them. Yep, day dreaming is also one of my favorites to pass time....


That's the name of the new typhoon that just entered the Philippines. Needless to say, it just made me all the more worried. Floods have been everywhere since last week in and around Metro Manila. Sadly, my family is not spared from this latest calamity. The water level in the river behind our house rose to point where the water almost reached the road. That means all the houses are underwater. It started to subside by Friday because the rain stopped. Then comes 'Helen'. All I can do is pray that it weakens as soon as possible and leave the vicinity soon so there won't be anymore additional flooding...that's all I can do for now. Pray. Flooding is a common occurrence back home. But I don't remember it affecting as many people/places as it is affecting now. A good example is the place where I grew up. It used to be that only our side of the road would get flooded just because the river is on our side. At that time, it was the only source of flooding that I knew

Reading Reviews...

One of the things I do before I purchase something is read reviews about it first. Now, that is also true whenever I see something interesting even if I have no immediate plan of buying it. This is the reason why I've been reading flex belt reviews online even if I don't see myself buying it anytime soon. I find it interesting. I know a lot of people are not 'sold' to the idea that a belt like this one will make one lose weight. I must say I'm on the same boat as the other skeptics. This is why I'm reading some flex belt reviews. Yes, the belt on its own will not make one lose those extra poundage. A combination of a lot of things will help do that like regular exercise and a healthy diet. Products like the flex belt can aid in things like making one's mid-section firmer not the losing weight per se. Flex belt reviews give good insights as to how it 'can' work. I've read a few already and they do make sense. Just like any other equipments out


Question: "Sir, is there school today?" Answer: "Yes." That's the English translation of this phone conversation. Funny how it may seem in this picture, it's somewhat a common thing in the Philippines. It has improved a bit already since my high school days but this still happens today. Some schools would take their time in cancelling classes that students are left with no choice but to go to school only to be told that classes have been suspended once they're in school already. From what I read, the government now is giving advisories when it comes to cancellation of classes. Still, in some places the discretion is up to the school itself. I am hoping this new policy is working out fine especially during this rainy season.


Rain & flood. Those two seem to go together more often than not especially in the Philippines. Mind you, that also happens here. It wasn't that long ago when I posted about our little rain & flood here in our area. Fortunately, the flooding didn't affect us. Some were affected especially in those areas where the soil is so saturated already that the water has nowhere to go. Some streets were closed because they were flooded. As a matter of fact, some areas still have the water from that last tropical storm. We can still see it when we drive by the areas where it got flooded. In the Philippines, it's a different story. Flooding is not caused by the saturation of soil but by the drainage problem especially in the city. It's been raining there for several days now. From what I've read and seen in pictures, many places are under water already. I got worried so I called my family back home to find out if the water from the river right in our backyard has floode

Will and Kate's PDA

Something we don't see everyday. Not from the royal family anyway. But time's a-changing so is the way the royals act in public, maybe? Personally, I think it's great to finally see some kind of PDA from them. It only shows their human side, doncha think? They are the new generation of royals and I think being so uptight and void of emotions when in public should no longer be the norm for them. But I'm a commoner so what do I know, eh? Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I lifted from Yahoo this morning in case you haven't seen them....which I doubt because they're all over. I think it's as big of a news as Michael Phelps winning his 20th Olympic medal....if not bigger. Photo Credit: Yahoo Photo Credit: Yahoo

Finally Arrived!

I sent a couple of packages to my family a couple of months ago. For some reason, these boxes took longer than usual to get there. But they're there now. Because it took that long for the boxes to get there, I could no longer remember what I put in the boxes. I know I put some books that my brother asked me to get and some towels that I wasn't able to take with us when we went home in April but that's about it. My niece emailed me a few days ago asking me about another thing my brother asked me find him here. Cigars. Huh? Apparently, he asked me when I was there in April to find him a box of cigars? It's not for him but for his friend aka boss who is a cigar collector, I think. I'm not sure what it's for but now I may have to start doing just that...look for a box of cigars which I can probably send in another box before the year ends. Hopefully I'll come across some famous cigars coupons I can use because I know that cigars are not cheap. I'm keeping m

20 Olympic Medals

That's the official count of Michael Phelps' medals after winning the 200 IM earlier this afternoon. It's his 16th Olympic gold medal. I thought it would be his final swim for this Olympics but I may have been mistaken. I read that he still has 2 more swims to go. It was however the last time that he and Ryan Lochte will be facing off in the pool. Some say it's a bitter-sweet moment because they were really bringing out the best in each other when they compete in the same category. This win is particularly sweet for him [and his followers] because of how he lost to Lochte in the 400 IM relay. Well, he didn't only lose in that one but didn't get a medal either. Oh well, that's all over now. I'm sure that doesn't even bother him now. If anything, that lost just brought out the best in him. Hopefully he'll win the last 2 swims he still has to compete with in the coming days. Goodluck to him! [Like he needs it, eh?]

Going for the Gold

One last time! That's what's Michael Phelps is going for when he swims [against Ryan Lochte] in the 200 IM later on today. Many are predicting Ryan will probably beat him but we'll never know until it's over, right? It'd be good if he gets the gold though since it's going to be his last. He already announced he's retiring after this Olympics so yeah, one last stand on the podium with a gold would be a fitting farewell to him. Anyway, he's already made history several times. The last one was early this week when he won his 19th medal. He broke a half-century record by doing that. I'm pretty sure that when he gets back from the Olympics he will be again be all over the news here because of his latest accomplishment. I wonder what's next for him.

Coupons Here, There, Everywhere

That seems to be the case, isn't it? And it sure is a great thing because these coupons surely help a lot especially now. I personally scout for coupons and coupon codes before I buy anything especially online. And that's because I am an online shopper. A lot of times I don't really need them like the flex belt coupon codes I stumbled upon. But I'll never know if someone I know may need it. I know one of my brother in-law and his wife are into this fitness regimen for the longest time. In the past, they bought several exercise paraphernalia online so I may just forward them the codes I found just in case they need some flex belt coupon codes for future purchases. Right now we don't need anymore fitness equipment. The one that we have is sufficient for our needs. But I'm proud to say that we bought that machine using coupon as well which saved us a bunch of money. This is the reason why I like searching for coupons, even the ones we don't need at the mome