Rain & flood. Those two seem to go together more often than not especially in the Philippines. Mind you, that also happens here. It wasn't that long ago when I posted about our little rain & flood here in our area. Fortunately, the flooding didn't affect us. Some were affected especially in those areas where the soil is so saturated already that the water has nowhere to go. Some streets were closed because they were flooded. As a matter of fact, some areas still have the water from that last tropical storm. We can still see it when we drive by the areas where it got flooded.

In the Philippines, it's a different story. Flooding is not caused by the saturation of soil but by the drainage problem especially in the city. It's been raining there for several days now. From what I've read and seen in pictures, many places are under water already. I got worried so I called my family back home to find out if the water from the river right in our backyard has flooded them already. Not quite yet but it's about to happen. I spoke with my youngest brother and he decided not to go to work to keep an eye on things. At the time we spoke, the water was creeping in the backyard already. He was bracing himself to start moving things ~ furniture and appliances ~ to higher grounds. Rain has stopped when we were talking but the threat is still there. I know they're 'pros' already when it comes to these situations since it happens at least once year but I cannot help but be worried about them. I'm hoping and praying that the rain stops already.


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