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All Saints' Day......

Wow, it's another trick or treating day tomorrow. My little one is very excited about it. Actually, she's always excited if there's any markings on the calendar thus giving her hints that there's something going on somewhere. She even pointed out something on the calendar to her Dad earlier about a 'holiday' in Canada. She's that excited about all these things. Anyway, halloween is just the start of a special ocassion we observe in the Philippines....All Saint Day. I used to be very excited about All Saints Day, Araw ng mga Santo or Undas for others. We didn't do the trick or treating thing when I was growing up. It was a "never heard of" thing for us probinsyanas. Actually, I just heard about halloween or trick or treating from my college friends... I think. Even then it was not a big thing. The only thing we were waiting for then was All Saints Day. My reasons for being excited about All Saints Day differed as I was growing up. When I was you

Whew....been quite busy lately....

I have not been able to update this blog for a few days. Why? I've been quite busy with life. So I'm way behind with tags and awards so I thought I'd post the awards I've been getting since last it goes... This "cool mom" or 'cool nanay' award is from Ms Roselle of my first Filipina online friends...and probably the biggest influence I had in starting a blog. So in more ways than one, I would have to say thanks Roselle . I really want to think I'm a cool mom but I don't think my little one sees me as one when I asked her to finish her school work. Oh well, hopefully one day she'll appreciate it....yeah right!!! This second award is from a newfound blogger 'kabalen' Nancy , a kapampangan like me. I just "met" her but she gave me this award so I'm really flattered. Dacal a salamat, Nancy . And last but not the least is this cool halloween treat from Kero . Sweet treats I have

7 Random Facts about Me <<<<---- Juliana

I first got this a Tag from Emma ......but today, Annie tagged me as well so I'm re-posting's that for recycling...LOL. Anyway, thanks much to both of for thinking of me...appreciate it as always. THE RULES - List of 7. Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their blog. People who are being tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog, list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment. 1. I'm an orphan. Well, I was orphaned in 2000. My parents passed on 4 months apart. 2. I was in the LRT that was bombed on December 31, 2000. I was on my way home to Pampanga from Paranaque. I like being in front whenever I'm travelling via bus, car or LRT so I would usually choose the front train. On that day though, there was a lot of people taking the LRT that the front one was full, so I took the 3rd or 4th one. The bomb was placed in the front of the LRT. Luck Makes Shopping Easy...

Shopping should always be a pleasant experience. But with all the traffic and the pollution plus the skyrocketing price of gas, who would want to go to a mall or a store to shop? I know that stops me from even trying to go somewhere to do my shopping. So I do all my shopping at home. Yes, at home…on the computer. I search high and low to find online stores that would give me what I want…and is one of the stores that does just that….give me what I want. is the store for people like me who do most of their shopping online. This online boutique has a wide selection of clothes and other things. They carry different brands but one that catches my attention, that I may just get my husband, is a nudie . This pair of nudie jeans is not like the other kind of jeans that are stiff and uncomfortable. Nudie jeans are like wine. They get better with age so to speak. They get really comfortable in time that you may want to sleep in them. As soon as you try a pair of these nudie

Question Time!!! and yes it's a TAG....

Ms Tess threw me this super hard question. Ano ba Ms Tess , why can't I have a goodlooking smart guy like the one I have now?? hehehehehehe...... If you are or were single, would you rather marry a super handsome or pretty man/woman who is super bobo (dumbest, lol!) or a super ugly (has a face only a mother could love, lol!) but super intelligent person! I am talking about extremes here, both are of average status in life, not rich, not poor! Have you heard of the saying "Love is blind"??? And since I don't believe in that, I would choose to marry the dumb but goodlooking guy especially if I'm using my heart and my eyes. But...if I use my head and close my eyes, I would choose the smart ugly guy. Who knows because of his intelligence we might become billionaires in no time which means he can have plastic surgery. So to answer your question Ms Tess....I DON'T KNOW!!!! Happy? Hehehe...... So it's my turn to ask a question ha? Here goes...if you only have 24

Get Cash Advance that's as Easy as 1, 2, 3....

Bills!! Bills!! Bills!! This is probably the only thing that do not change. Bills!! Who does not have a bill to pay? Each and everyone of us has a bill to pay every month. Bills come in like clockwork every single month. It would have been okay if money grow on trees but that is not the case. Some studies say that an average American owes about $8000 in debt. Imagine that. So it’s not a surprise why we need places like Cash Advance 500 . Sometimes we can’t help it but be in a bind and we can’t come up with the much needed money to cover what needs to be paid. In situations like this there is a place where we can go and get a cash advance . And when I say go, I mean go in front of your computer and check pay day loans at Cash Advance 500. Everything is done online. No lining up, no waiting for hours for approval. Just get online and fill out the online application. There is no credit check for this one so virtually anyone can qualify. Can it get any better than that. This is indee

7 Random Facts about Me <<< ---- Juliana

This a Tag from Emma ...... THE RULES - List of 7. Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their blog. People who are being tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog, list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment. 1. I'm an orphan. Well, I was orphaned in 2000. My parents passed on 4 months apart. 2. I was in the LRT that was bombed on December 31, 2000. I was on my way home to Pampanga from Paranaque. I like being in front whenever I'm traveling via bus, car or LRT so I would usually choose the front train. On that day though, there was a lot of people taking the LRT that the front one was full, so I took the 3rd or 4th one. The bomb was placed in the front of the LRT. Lucky me, eh? We had to get off in the middle of the tracks because they had to stop the train. I probably walked about a mile to shake off the nerves. 3. I taught myself to play the guitar...

My Other Half or My Significant Other...

The original title of this tag is: My Better Half....well, I'd rather call him my Other Half or my Significant other since I'd like to believe that we're equal in this house...o ang taray, di ba??? Anyway, I have quite a few pics of my hubby when he was younger but I really like his baby picture. Take a look...isn't he the cutest??? Let's try and answer some of Merydith's westions.... 1. My hubby's first name is Michael - often the most popular name here in the States [or is it in the world?...hmm..can't remember it now.] 2. Okay the second question has a long answer. For the WHERE ...we met online. For the HOW ...I found him....gulat kayo 'no? Just like a lot of online match ups, I met mine in an online dating site. It started like this. A very good friend of mine told me sometime in 2000 that she was getting married. Surprised would not even come close to describing how I reacted. Why? Because she didn't have a boyfriend when I last saw her...a

Award / Tag Time!!!!

Okay... I feel like I'm drowning in tags/awards BUT I really appreciate all of my blogger friends who do not forget to acknowledge me by passing me tags and awards. So let me say thanks to Emmyrose and Garf this time for the following awards. This first one is from Emmyrose . I just stumbled upon her blog [well, I actually clicked her name on one of my blogmates site] and I got really drawn to it because I somehow 'see' a very strong young lady amid her battle with a very painful sickness. Hats off to you Emmyrose for finding the strength to keep going on and for sharing your story to the world. I am always praying for you and yours. Hopefully, something will come out during this time of modern technology to help alleviate all the pains you are having caused by Lupus. God Bless... This next one is from Garf . Thanks for always remembering to tag me, Garf...appreciate it very much. There you go, my awards for the week. I've seen this award to a lot of my blogmates. You

When We Were Younger...I'm still young at heart...

Alrighty then...Merydith/In-in wants me to dig into my old photo album for some pictures when I was young. Being the good girl that I am, I did just that...hehe. Anyway, I'm one who likes to collect pics so I tried to salvage all those baby pics that I can salvage. Some have holes in them already but the people in the pics are still intact so I put them away for times like this. Here goes.... This first pic was taken in front of our old house in Pampanga where I grew up which makes me a Kapampangan. Although we grew up speaking Tagalog my Nanay being Bulakenya. I'm not sure how old I was here but I was very young. See the mini dress....ha! This second one was taken in church. See the veil. Yeah, we used to put veils on when we were in church back then. See the mini again??? Hehe This next picture was taken in Baguio. My father was assigned there for a few months so me and my youngest brother tagged along. This picture was taken at the end of my Gr. 1. I was in the honor roll a

Beautiful Site Award...from Sweet-D

I received another award...yipeee!!! This time it's from Sweet Darlene . Thanks a bunch Sweet-D . You've been giving a shout out in your blog about my blog and I appreciate it bunches. I've been lucky to have found you. The award is the 'Beautiful Site Award'. Here it goes...take a look at it. Isn't it purty? I really like it. I'm still a baby when it comes to blogging but I'm really enjoying it. When I started, I thought I would never get used to it. But I've been learning everyday. I still have not checked everything there is to do in blogging but I'm getting there. Reading fellow bloggers' enties is now part of my day to day activities. I even find myself peeking at other sites in the middle of my coding..galing ko no???LOL. Anyway, thanks again Sweet-D . You're very thoughtful. I guess it's now my responsibility to pass this really nice award to my friends. Let me give this award to Roselle kasi she just started this new blog and

Pass the Pink Penguin....Pretty please???

I just visited the blog of my namesake - Juliana and the pink penguin caught my attention. Look at it??? Isn't it adorable? Aside from being the adorable penguin that it is, it also has a very important spread "Breast Cancer Awareness" since October is actually the month dedicated to spreading breast cancer awareness. I personally know someone who passed on because of breast cancer. She was the Academic Coordinator in the school where I taught for some years. She became a mother figure to us. She would prepare us lunch and would invite us for dinner in her place. She fought really hard, ufortunately, she passed on after a few years of being diagnosed. I have no family history of this disease but this is not an indication that I'm not a candidate because 80% of those diagnosed don't have the history as well. So it's really a good thing that a month is reserved for the awareness of breast cancer. It may not make me go for a mammogram right away bu

A Tag from Sweet - D....

1. LONGEST RELATIONSHIP? >>>> 6 yrs and counting.... 2. LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED? >>>> A bag from hubby.... 3. EVER DROPPED A CELL PHONE? >>>> I don't think so.... 4 . THING(S) YOU SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON? >>>> I don't spend a lot of money...because I don't have it...LOL 5. LAST FOOD YOU ATE? Rice and nilagang baka for lunch.... 6. ONE FAVORITE SONG? >>>> It changes everytime I hear something I like - right now, Heaven, Only Reminds Me of You and Nouvelle Vague:Dance With Me [because it's playing on Sweet-D's blog] 7. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? >>>>>Florida . 8 .LAST WEDDING YOU ATTENDED: >>>>A friend's wedding in California back in 2005. 9. LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR BEST FRIEND: >>>> This morning....I consider my hubby my bestfriend. 10. WHERE 'S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT WITH FRIENDS? >>>> A cafe near our school in Taiwan. 11. CAN YOU COOK? >>>>

Tag from Anne Buntis...

This is a tag from Ms. Buntis . Thanks, Ms. Buntis . 1. Who is your man? ♥ Michael 2. How long have you been together? ♥ 6 years and counting 3. Dating/Engaged/Married? ♥ Married 4. How old is your man? ♥ 40. 5. What’s his middle name? ♥ Secret... ♥ You or your man♥ 1. Who eats more? ♥ Him...sometimes, me...depends on the food I guess. 2. Who said “I love you” first? ♥ Not sure about that...hmmm. 3. Who weighs more? ♥ He weighs more. 4. Who sings better? ♥ Oh well...that's me hands down. 5. Who’s Older? ♥ Me...a few months only, okay?...hehehe... 6. Who’s smarter? ♥ Depends on who you ask. DIFFERENT WAYS 7. Whose temper is worse? ♥ His temper.... 8. Who does the laundry? ♥ Yours truly... 9. Who does the dishes? ♥ Dishwasher - I load it of course... 10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? ♥ Si ako.. 11. Whose feet are bigger? ♥ Duh...of course his... 12. Whose hair is longer? ♥ Another hair is way past my hiney... 13. Who's better with the computer? ♥ Him, no quest

37 Questions....with Answers....

Nobody [I mean nobody...huhu...nobody loves me...] asked me to answer these 37 questions but I did it anyway..ha! I grabbed it from Ms. Tess' blog so thanks much Ms. Tess . It's long but it's ok kasi ala akong magawa and I don't want to watch " Pati ba Pintig ng Puso " again....bwa hahahaha.. 1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? - Dawter - she's pretty funny 2. What were you doing at 0800? - Sleeping still...woke up at 5 AM to see my Babyduck off to work. 3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? - Eating lunch 4. What happened to you in 2006? - Hmmm....nothing major but we went to Maryland so I could attend a conference/training in the Univ of MD for my was a business and pleasure trip...I did the business, hubby and dawter did the pleasure...Hmmp 5. What was the last thing you said out loud? - "Good job, baby" after my little one did some kind of a Disney cheer. 6. How many beverages did you have today? - 2 - Hot Cocoa

Pati ba Pintig ng Puso???

You read it right folks, I just used Sharon Cuneta's old film title as the title for this entry. Why oh why?? Because I spent a couple of hours last night watching this movie in You Tube. Ha!Imagine that. I rarely go to the movies so I never had the chance to see this in the theater. I can probably count with my fingers the times I went to watch a movie in the Phils. Here, I watched just 1 movie - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer' Stone. I was pregnant at that time. So that was it. I was one of those "cheesy" ones who followed 'love teams' - Sharon - Gabby, William - Maricel, etc.. Okay now I'm totally revealing my age here by naming those love teams...LOL. I also liked the Manilyn - Janno era...hehe. But I only did the following thru the TV and some radios. I would read mags but I never bought them. I didn't go to any of their movies. Oh well, I thought I'd let you know what I do when I ran of things to do online...hehehe

Three Things

A tag from my Ms. Tess . Thanks for the tagay Ms Tess sa lagi mong pag alala... 1. Three things I love~ family, my "job[s]" and my laptop...hehe 2. Three things I hate~ snakes, snakes and snakes....need I say more????? 3. Three things that scare me~ SNAKES x, something 'bad' happening to my husband and daughter, being disable and getting hungry....hehehe 4. Three things I don't understand~ why bad things happen to good people, why good things happen to bad people, why successful people screw people who don't have much [e.g. the builder/contractor that screwed us and 170 more families of our hard-earned money] 5. Three things on my desk~[aka - dining table] -my laptop, workbooks, pencils, real table - desktop, cds, thumb drives... 6. Three things I am doing right now~relaxing after dinner, watching TV, this Tag. 7. Three things I can do~ drive my husband nuts, play the guitar, maintain a livable house. 8. Three things I can&#

Ang Fabulous...BOW!!!

Wow...I got another 'award'....with all these awards, I wonder when I'll start getting offers..ya know....Movie offers, TV offers like a reality show. Ha! My Blogging World....Hmmm Anyway, Ms Roselle , Merydith and Ms. Tess awarded me this: [Maraming SALAMAS sa inyong lahat] Oh say nyo....Fab daw me??? Me?? Fab??? I guess that's the advantage of online friendship...I'm not actually seen...kasi if I'm seen, never in a million years would I get this award. Nah, I know they based this award on something me being an avid fan of all of them...hehehe.... Anyway....this award is being passed on to all my blogger friends.....Yep..lahat kayo...ikaw, ikaw at ikaw din....Mabuhay tayong lahat. PS....I keep updating this entry kasi I keep stumbling on posts where my fellow bloggers are giving me this awesome award. Thanks much to all of you!!! Appreciate the shout out!!!

Some Innovative Use of Old Computers

I got an email from a friend with pictures on some funny 'Innovative Use of Old Computers'. I believe they're from Nidokidos . So if you have an old computer sitting around collecting dust, why not put it to use....hehehe

Thoughtful Blogger Award...

Woo hooo....I got an award from Merydith ....I would like to thank my parents, my husband, my daughter...if not for them I would not be able to do any of the things I'm this blog....hehehe.... Seriously, thanks Merydith . That's really sweet of you and I appreciate the thought and the acknowledgement. I have only been blogging for a few weeks but I've already gained some thoughtful friends who I have not even had the pleasure of meeting in person. I am hoping to meet some more people, fellow Pinay and others as well, as I go along this journey in the world of blogging. Serious yan ha... Anyhoooo....some of my 'online blogger friends' are already mentioned in other blogs but I still want to give them this 'thoughtful blogger award'. Merydith of course...just including a "neo blogger" like me in her list of 'thoughtful blogger award' makes her number 1 in my list for the award...and we seem to have quite a bit in common. Not qui