Ang Fabulous...BOW!!!

Wow...I got another 'award'....with all these awards, I wonder when I'll start getting offers..ya know....Movie offers, TV offers like a reality show. Ha! My Blogging World....Hmmm

Anyway, Ms Roselle , Merydith and Ms. Tess awarded me this: [Maraming SALAMAS sa inyong lahat]

Oh say nyo....Fab daw me??? Me?? Fab??? I guess that's the advantage of online friendship...I'm not actually seen...kasi if I'm seen, never in a million years would I get this award. Nah, I know they based this award on something me being an avid fan of all of them...hehehe....

Anyway....this award is being passed on to all my blogger friends.....Yep..lahat kayo...ikaw, ikaw at ikaw din....Mabuhay tayong lahat.

PS....I keep updating this entry kasi I keep stumbling on posts where my fellow bloggers are giving me this awesome award. Thanks much to all of you!!! Appreciate the shout out!!!


Nova said…
charmos ginamos day uy..shalan ang beauty mo eh... heheheh.. anyways.. i can't leave you a tag and its probably because of our pathetic provider in the office,, oopps i'm venting..hehehe... but sometimes it just gets into my nerves..char...

thanks for the message Dear... sos, work? its always BEzZEEEEE especially when my boss is around, everything is just sooooooooooooooooo URGENT...TC alwaysss
RoSeLLe said…
Naaliw ako sa speech mo Aling Juliana :) Ingats ka palagi dyan.

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