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One Fine Day...

Yesterday was 'spring forward' day. It's not really my favorite day even if it has spring in its name since it meant losing 'an hour' [of sleep?]. I've said it here many times but I will say it again...what's up with this time changing anyway? I thought it's been proven to be ineffective so why keep doing it, right? If only the time change will also spring forward real spring then it will be more bearable. One thing that made yesterday better was that we had a spring-like, mild temp and very clear day. I believe the highest in our area was around 80 degrees. Woot! What did we do on such a beautiful day? I wanted to go to the mall to look for something we need but we asked the little one what she wanted to do...mall or biking? I lost...which I expected the moment we decided to ask her. That's actually a no-brainer because she'd choose biking in a heartbeat! We went to a different park this time around. This one is more like a camp ground than

Musically Inclined

I'd like to believe that our little one is musically inclined. I actually think that most of us are musically inclined. It's just that some pursue it, while some don't. When the little one was younger we really wanted her to learn how to play any musical instrument to the point of checking instruments that even I am not familiar like the komplete kontrol s61 keyboard. We didn't get her one of those but we got her a small guitar as well as a simple keyboard a few years back. She was very excited at first but it didn't last long. To this day, she hasn't learned to play either one. I'm not giving up on that yet. There's still time for her to learn one of them or even both. I learned to play the guitar when I was well in my teens already. Wishful thinking, eh?

Forward It Is....

Literally? Spring Forward I mean. Yep, that 'dreaded' [to me at least] time of the year when we have to re-set our clocks and watches an hour 'forward'. That's the easy part even if we have a gazillion clocks and a million watches to reset. The hard part will be resetting the 'body clock'... if there is such a thing. Personally, it takes me at least a week to get used to this 'spring forward' change. I'm pretty sure our little one will have the same difficulty. Anyhooo....I've been MIA again, still I mean, from blogging. I just haven't gotten that blogging mojo back yet. Not quite sure if I'll ever get it back. I still want to blog every now and then but maybe not as often as I used to...unless I need to, if you know what I mean. I've been stressing lately so my hyperacidity is acting up again. Actually I'm not even sure if that's what I have since I was never diagnosed with any GI problem. I've always had some tummy