One Fine Day...

Yesterday was 'spring forward' day. It's not really my favorite day even if it has spring in its name since it meant losing 'an hour' [of sleep?]. I've said it here many times but I will say it again...what's up with this time changing anyway? I thought it's been proven to be ineffective so why keep doing it, right? If only the time change will also spring forward real spring then it will be more bearable.

One thing that made yesterday better was that we had a spring-like, mild temp and very clear day. I believe the highest in our area was around 80 degrees. Woot! What did we do on such a beautiful day? I wanted to go to the mall to look for something we need but we asked the little one what she wanted to do...mall or biking? I lost...which I expected the moment we decided to ask her. That's actually a no-brainer because she'd choose biking in a heartbeat!

We went to a different park this time around. This one is more like a camp ground than a bike trail. We wanted to try something new so we went there. While biking we passed a few campers either preparing or eating breakfast as well as others packing up already. Speaking of which we've never been camping and the little one wants to try it some time she said. We're not sure how she'll fare with outdoors overnight so we're a bit hesitant to do that. It's also a bit expensive just because we don't have any camping gears at all. What if she won't like it then what will be do with the gears that we may end up buying? So for now we're leaning more towards, uhm, no.

After biking and exploring around the park, we packed up and decided to head home so we could go to the mall. Yep, we decided to do that as well. But on the way out of the park we saw a sign about another park which is just 2 and a half miles from where we were. So off we went to check it out. Since we didn't know where it is, we thought we drove longer than the 2.5 mi specified. We didn't as we later found out. It just felt farther because it's a lime rock road and it was bumpy. Anyway, when we reached our destination we were pleasantly surprised because it led us to a river. Anything with water is always a welcome surprise for us. We sat around and rested for a bit, and took some pictures of course, then we headed home to drop off the bike then went to the mall.

I must say it's not bad for the first day of 'spring-forward'. For the record, I still don't like the whole time change thing but the nice weather kind of made it more tolerable/acceptable/bearable and all the 'bles' synonyms....ha!

 Anyway, here are some pics I took during our day out.

Can the sky get any bluer than that? It was indeed one fine day....


~ "C" said…
Haller J!!! Nabuhey ako! I thought about you today and so I had to dig dig dig! I'm usually at now and also visit ka ha as I don't know how else to connect with you! i would like to keep in touch! hope you're doing well. C

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