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Rain and Snow

I guess that about sums up the weather around the country. Fortunately we're only experiencing a little bit of the former. It's a wee bit gloomy today after some rains earlier. We're still expecting some rain overnight but that's about it. Unfortunately the other states up north are not having such luck. Many flights have been cancelled because of that so airports are probably packed with people as I write this. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather starts to get better so those who are traveling to spend Thanksgiving with their families can and will make it to their destinations safe and sound. Speaking of Thanksgiving, we'll spend it in the best place we can...home. I can't remember the last time we actually spent it somewhere else. We get invites every now and then but we just decline them politely. As for company this year, it's just the 3 of us. Just the way I like it. Ha! I was actually thinking that maybe this year we can just eat out

Getting Back to Our Normal Grind

Trying to anyway. The past couple of weeks have been a week of nothing but sneezing, coughing and low grade fever in this household. I started it all when I caught a certain virus at the mall [I'm guessing that's where I caught it anyway] when we went there to watch 'trick or treaters' on Halloween. The virus was stronger than the ones we caught before because it got me off my feet for a few days. I tried to do the normal things I do but it took a lot of effort and all the strength I had left. I even stayed off the tread climber for a full week because I wasn't feeling well enough to do it. Today I went back to it. It was a bit hard at first because breathing harder than normal made me cough at first. But I got over it and I was able to finish my usual 2 and a half miles walk and my 30 minute hula hooping. It definitely feels good to get back to it because I don't feel as sluggish anymore. I am also trying to get the little one to go back to her normal routi


A saw a snake in our flower bed in front. It scared the wits out of me. I didn't know if I would run away or stay frozen where I was standing. I did the former...of course. It wasn't moving when I saw it. It was just there and I only saw its body. I saw it while I was on my way to get the mail. On my way back from the mail box, I was debating whether I should go around back to avoid the flower bed or just sprint as fast as I could to get past the flower bed. Ugh. As soon as the hubby got home, I told him what I saw. He went out there but it's no longer there. Guess what's there? Its skin! Yep, the slithering creature decided to 'dress' on our flower bed then took off. Hubby went around the yard looking for it but of course he couldn't find it. It's probably hiding in one of the bushes somewhere. Needless to say I wouldn't be going anywhere near those flower beds anytime soon...or going around the yard for that matter. Maybe I 5 years?


Kind of anyway. And it's not me. It's our little one. We were supposed to go to a wedding over the weekend. But because we are all feeling under the weather, we didn't go. Since she really wanted to she could dress up, she tried to keep her coughing to a minimum. But we could tell she's not really well yet so we just decided not to go. Today, her cough is actually a bit worse. She doesn't know how to control it so she coughs everytime she feels a tickle on her throat. I have to keep reminding her to try and control it. She tries when I'm around her and she coughs a lot less but when she's all alone, she just gives in to that little tickle and just coughs it out. It's very frustrating. I may have to make an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow if she doesn't get any better. I just worry her throat may already be inflamed because of her coughing.

Sore Throats

Yep, in plural. The three of us are currently experiencing some painful throats and it has nothing to do with singing. It's all because of non-stop coughing. It's like an orchestra of coughs. It has come to a point now that when one does it, we look at each other to see who's going to 'answer'. It's a good thing none of us here sing for living or we may just need to get a vocalist throat spray at m123  to help us. The little one though likes to sing a lot and she hasn't been able to do that in the last week. She told me earlier that she wants to sing along her iPod but everytime she tries, she coughs. Poor little one. I was the first one to actually get the dreaded virus. The little one followed suit...then the big man of the house. I'm almost over it, the little one is still braving it while the husband is just starting. I am hoping and praying that we'll all be well by the end of this week.

Another Year

I grew again. Age wise anyway. Notice I didn't use the 'O' word. Just because I don't feel like I actually aged which means I don't feel any o..l...d...e...r than I did a year ago. I look like I did though....haha... Anyway, my birthday was as simple as could be. Except for the 'happy birthday greetings' from friends and family, we barely acknowledged it around here. I was asked several times what I wanted and I just said 'butter pecan ice cream'. So butter pecan ice cream it was. LOL. Seriously, I'm not asking for anything material anymore. I guess that's the only thing that changed as we age...the things we wish for. Right now I can only wish for good health for everyone I care about and of course for me. I can wish for world peace but since we have a lot of beauty pageants around, I'd let them wish for that instead. Ha! One thing I did that I don't usually do on my birthday was have a hair cut. Yep, I had a hair cut. I've b


That's how I like to call the weather in the last several days but someone around here disagrees and calls it perfect. I guess it's relative. I've reading and hearing in the news that we will have a much colder winter this year. I guess you have to find the best electric blanket to prepare for it then, eh? But come to think of it, it seems they say that every season. When I say 'they' I mean the news people. It's the same with hurricane season. Every single year they give us the 'warning' that this may be the worst one yet...and then, nothing. It's not that I want to get the worst of what the nature has to offer but sometimes it kind of freak me out when I hear that. Who wouldn't? Anyway, I guess they just want us to be prepared for the worst. At least that's what I'm hoping their intentions are.