That's how I like to call the weather in the last several days but someone around here disagrees and calls it perfect. I guess it's relative. I've reading and hearing in the news that we will have a much colder winter this year. I guess you have to find the best electric blanket to prepare for it then, eh? But come to think of it, it seems they say that every season. When I say 'they' I mean the news people. It's the same with hurricane season. Every single year they give us the 'warning' that this may be the worst one yet...and then, nothing. It's not that I want to get the worst of what the nature has to offer but sometimes it kind of freak me out when I hear that. Who wouldn't? Anyway, I guess they just want us to be prepared for the worst. At least that's what I'm hoping their intentions are.


J said…
Knock... Knock... Musta na Tuks? Hope you and my C are finally well.

Weekend na ulit. Anong lakad? Kami dito warmer weekend daw. Matuk mo at after Saturday, the next 2 days will be in the 60's but maulan daw kami dito. Very unpredictable ang weather dito. Today lang ako lumabas since Monday because it was frigid the past few.

O siya... Here's wishing you a dry and relaxing weekend.


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