Sore Throats

Yep, in plural. The three of us are currently experiencing some painful throats and it has nothing to do with singing. It's all because of non-stop coughing. It's like an orchestra of coughs. It has come to a point now that when one does it, we look at each other to see who's going to 'answer'. It's a good thing none of us here sing for living or we may just need to get a vocalist throat spray at m123 to help us. The little one though likes to sing a lot and she hasn't been able to do that in the last week. She told me earlier that she wants to sing along her iPod but everytime she tries, she coughs. Poor little one.

I was the first one to actually get the dreaded virus. The little one followed suit...then the big man of the house. I'm almost over it, the little one is still braving it while the husband is just starting. I am hoping and praying that we'll all be well by the end of this week.


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