Another Year

I grew again. Age wise anyway. Notice I didn't use the 'O' word. Just because I don't feel like I actually aged which means I don't feel any o..l...d...e...r than I did a year ago. I look like I did though....haha...

Anyway, my birthday was as simple as could be. Except for the 'happy birthday greetings' from friends and family, we barely acknowledged it around here. I was asked several times what I wanted and I just said 'butter pecan ice cream'. So butter pecan ice cream it was. LOL. Seriously, I'm not asking for anything material anymore. I guess that's the only thing that changed as we age...the things we wish for. Right now I can only wish for good health for everyone I care about and of course for me. I can wish for world peace but since we have a lot of beauty pageants around, I'd let them wish for that instead. Ha!

One thing I did that I don't usually do on my birthday was have a hair cut. Yep, I had a hair cut. I've been wanting to have it trimmed at least for the last few months but didn't have the chance until the day before my birthday. Last time I had it trimmed was before our trip to the Philippines early last year. The last time I had a full blown cut was in 2010, right around my birthday as well. That time, a foot was chopped off and I donated it to Locks of Love. This time around, 10 inches was cut off and I also donated it. I wasn't thinking about donating this last time because I didn't think I had enough hair. Apparently I did. Hubby was the one that brought up the idea when I was already sitting on the chair so the lady decided to measure the length to make sure. As a result, my hair is a bit shorter than planned. But it's okay. It's for a good cause...for me to look younger...and for those that need wigs.


J said…
Bulaga!! Oh di ba? Early riser ako today. Still in bed but I have to peel myself off the bed real soon baka mahuli ako sa biyahe hehe.

Parang type ko tuloy magpagupit dahil sa yo. The more I read about it, the more it entices me to go. But I just had 3 inches chopped off end of September.

O siya makabangon na nga. Have a great day!
HONEY said…
Happy birthday ate. Love, honeybunch
J said…
Hoping hindi maputol ang net connection ko. We've been having issues with our cable modem yata. Two days na kaming ganito including the land phone. Ni lamig yata haha.

Hope you and C are now feeling better. Plenty of liquid and chicken soup ang katapat niyan.

Ang ginaw dito biglang winter na.

Siya... Rest and keep warm. Warm nga ba or cool? Take care.

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