Rain and Snow

I guess that about sums up the weather around the country. Fortunately we're only experiencing a little bit of the former. It's a wee bit gloomy today after some rains earlier. We're still expecting some rain overnight but that's about it. Unfortunately the other states up north are not having such luck. Many flights have been cancelled because of that so airports are probably packed with people as I write this. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather starts to get better so those who are traveling to spend Thanksgiving with their families can and will make it to their destinations safe and sound.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we'll spend it in the best place we can...home. I can't remember the last time we actually spent it somewhere else. We get invites every now and then but we just decline them politely. As for company this year, it's just the 3 of us. Just the way I like it. Ha! I was actually thinking that maybe this year we can just eat out but I quickly changed my mind because it's going to be chaos out there. Why? Because a lot of people will be out since most stores are starting 'black Friday' sale on Thanksgiving itself. How crazy is that? Last year they opened at midnight. This year, it's a lot earlier...and most stores are also open for business on Thanksgiving Day as well. Oh well...there goes family time for those that work in retail, eh?

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a good one.


J said…
Dry and freezing after the rain yesterday here in the frozen tundra. It's good for the Macy's thanksgiving day parade para ma enjoy ng mga bata.

Just the 2 of us...just the way I like it hahaha. See I borrowed your line. Yun nga lang, we don't have a bird and I'm not cooking. Kain na lang sa labas for dinner hoping we'll find a decent resto that's open.

Is your bird in d oven now? Enjoy d preps with C. I'm sure excited na naman ang aking pamangkin.

Happy thanksgiving day!

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