Getting Back to Our Normal Grind

Trying to anyway.

The past couple of weeks have been a week of nothing but sneezing, coughing and low grade fever in this household. I started it all when I caught a certain virus at the mall [I'm guessing that's where I caught it anyway] when we went there to watch 'trick or treaters' on Halloween. The virus was stronger than the ones we caught before because it got me off my feet for a few days. I tried to do the normal things I do but it took a lot of effort and all the strength I had left. I even stayed off the tread climber for a full week because I wasn't feeling well enough to do it.

Today I went back to it. It was a bit hard at first because breathing harder than normal made me cough at first. But I got over it and I was able to finish my usual 2 and a half miles walk and my 30 minute hula hooping. It definitely feels good to get back to it because I don't feel as sluggish anymore. I am also trying to get the little one to go back to her normal routine slowly but surely. I don't want to rush her in fear of a relapse. She's still coughing a little bit but not as much. Hopefully she'll be totally well before this week ends. The husband on the other hand had a rough weekend. His cold just started so his clogged nose kept him awake pretty much all night for  2 nights. Still, he's at work today. I'm hoping he doesn't get the dreaded cough because that will mean additional sleepless nights for him.

With all these physical discomforts I've had and still having the past couple of weeks, it does not compare to the pain I feel when I think about those affected by the monstrous typhoon that hit my kababayans in the Philippines. Just like many others I only see pictures and videos of the devastations but it's enough to bring me to tears and feel the pain. For now all we can do is hope and pray that those affected can find the strength to go on and that the help they need reach them the soonest possible time. Prayer has and will always be our strongest weapon against all these challenges that come our way so let's keep them coming.


J said…
yoohoo!! good to know you're back to your normal grind. is C already well? i do hope the same for the man of the house too.

we're freezing here again. taas baba ang drama ng temperature dito. but it's just a matter of time anyway before freezing temps na every single day.

magandang Miyerkoles ng gabi.

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