Kind of anyway. And it's not me. It's our little one.

We were supposed to go to a wedding over the weekend. But because we are all feeling under the weather, we didn't go. Since she really wanted to go...so she could dress up, she tried to keep her coughing to a minimum. But we could tell she's not really well yet so we just decided not to go. Today, her cough is actually a bit worse. She doesn't know how to control it so she coughs everytime she feels a tickle on her throat. I have to keep reminding her to try and control it. She tries when I'm around her and she coughs a lot less but when she's all alone, she just gives in to that little tickle and just coughs it out. It's very frustrating.

I may have to make an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow if she doesn't get any better. I just worry her throat may already be inflamed because of her coughing.


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