A saw a snake in our flower bed in front. It scared the wits out of me. I didn't know if I would run away or stay frozen where I was standing. I did the former...of course. It wasn't moving when I saw it. It was just there and I only saw its body. I saw it while I was on my way to get the mail. On my way back from the mail box, I was debating whether I should go around back to avoid the flower bed or just sprint as fast as I could to get past the flower bed. Ugh.

As soon as the hubby got home, I told him what I saw. He went out there but it's no longer there. Guess what's there? Its skin! Yep, the slithering creature decided to 'dress' on our flower bed then took off. Hubby went around the yard looking for it but of course he couldn't find it. It's probably hiding in one of the bushes somewhere. Needless to say I wouldn't be going anywhere near those flower beds anytime soon...or going around the yard for that matter. Maybe I 5 years?


J said…
Snake!!! Katakot nga. Nandyan pa kaya yun? I'm sure nagtatago lang yan sa tabi-tabi. Mag-ingat lang kayo dyan baka maapakan.

I'm freezing here. 15 degrees lang kami. Type mo tumira dito sa frozen tundra? Halika palitan tayo bwahaha.

Hope your Sunday is going great. I'm sure dinner is over dyan. Ako dito naghihintay sa mama na nasa gym.

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