Pass the Pink Penguin....Pretty please???

I just visited the blog of my namesake - Juliana and the pink penguin caught my attention. Look at it??? Isn't it adorable? Aside from being the adorable penguin that it is, it also has a very important spread "Breast Cancer Awareness" since October is actually the month dedicated to spreading breast cancer awareness.

I personally know someone who passed on because of breast cancer. She was the Academic Coordinator in the school where I taught for some years. She became a mother figure to us. She would prepare us lunch and would invite us for dinner in her place. She fought really hard, ufortunately, she passed on after a few years of being diagnosed.

I have no family history of this disease but this is not an indication that I'm not a candidate because 80% of those diagnosed don't have the history as well. So it's really a good thing that a month is reserved for the awareness of breast cancer. It may not make me go for a mammogram right away but it's sure good to be reminded every now and then that this disease does not target a single age bracket or ethnicity.

So if you're reading this, please grab that Pink Penguin and let's all do a shout out for Breast Cancer awareness. Who knows, the life we may save may be our very own.


J said…
hey, thanks for having the Pink Penguin in your site.

by the way, if you haven't had a mammo for a while, please go. it's one test that i dread because it's painful, but I dutifully do it coz i just have to go through it. the past checup that i ahve, I didn't have the mammo done though, only sonogram and it was such a pleasurable visit to my Oncologist.

sige, thanks again.

lucel juliana
Anonymous said…
jul,ako ni grab ha..ur very right gyod..we will never know that the next life we save will be our own..even someone we love diba..take care always..thanks for always dropping by ha!

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