Award / Tag Time!!!!

Okay... I feel like I'm drowning in tags/awards BUT I really appreciate all of my blogger friends who do not forget to acknowledge me by passing me tags and awards. So let me say thanks to Emmyrose and Garf this time for the following awards.

This first one is from Emmyrose. I just stumbled upon her blog [well, I actually clicked her name on one of my blogmates site] and I got really drawn to it because I somehow 'see' a very strong young lady amid her battle with a very painful sickness. Hats off to you Emmyrose for finding the strength to keep going on and for sharing your story to the world. I am always praying for you and yours. Hopefully, something will come out during this time of modern technology to help alleviate all the pains you are having caused by Lupus. God Bless...

This next one is from Garf. Thanks for always remembering to tag me, Garf...appreciate it very much.

There you go, my awards for the week. I've seen this award to a lot of my blogmates. You all deserve it so I'm passing it all to you.


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