Beautiful Site Award...from Sweet-D

I received another award...yipeee!!! This time it's from Sweet Darlene. Thanks a bunch Sweet-D. You've been giving a shout out in your blog about my blog and I appreciate it bunches. I've been lucky to have found you.

The award is the 'Beautiful Site Award'. Here it goes...take a look at it. Isn't it purty? I really like it.

I'm still a baby when it comes to blogging but I'm really enjoying it. When I started, I thought I would never get used to it. But I've been learning everyday. I still have not checked everything there is to do in blogging but I'm getting there. Reading fellow bloggers' enties is now part of my day to day activities. I even find myself peeking at other sites in the middle of my coding..galing ko no???LOL. Anyway, thanks again Sweet-D. You're very thoughtful.

I guess it's now my responsibility to pass this really nice award to my friends. Let me give this award to Roselle kasi she just started this new blog and it's really pretty, Merydith and Emma. I hope you enjoy this award ladies....come snag it now...


emma said…
hi jul.gud morning!thanks very much for the award ha!i'm flattered my friend.
Utah Mommy said…
You deseved it Pretty Juliana hope our friendship will last forever.Godbless you & your family as well!

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