Passing Time

Surfing online, watching TV, reading, cleaning...and the list goes on and on and on. Work has been slow for quite sometime now so I have to do something to pass time when I'm not busy working or teaching the little one. Of all those I mentioned, surfing online probably takes the bacon. I'm always online. Sometimes I'm checking pictures, sometimes I check jewelry deals of the day in my favorite websites. Just like any other red-blooded woman out there, jewelry is something I fancy. I don't go crazy and buy everything I like but if I see a good deal, then I grab it. Jewelry is something that don't go bad. It's a good investment because it's more stable compared to other investments out there especially if it's gold or platinum or even silver. But even if I don't buy, I still enjoy looking at them. Maybe one day I'll have all the money I need in order to splurge on them. Yep, day dreaming is also one of my favorites to pass time....


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