Popcorn, anyone?

I am not much of a snack eater but if there is one snack I don't really mind having, it has to be popcorn. Same goes for my family so much so that we used to buy boxes of the microwable popcorn so we could have it anytime our hearts desire which is quite often I must say. That was our habit until we got some not so good health news for the husband. His cholesterol isn't that good. That meant we have to do some adjustments with the food we eat. We did some modifications on some foods while eliminating some...microwavable pop-corn included. We've always tried to eat healthy and we knew popcorn is one of the healthier snacks out there. We know it's a good source of fiber and low in calorie, of course depending on how it's prepared. I even read that it has more antioxidants than some other fruits. We used to buy just the plain one but even that had some not so good ingredients that can harm our health so we decided to just totally ditch it and so we said buh-bye to...

We weren't happy about it but it has to be done.

Needless to say, our movie nights are never the same without pop corn so we have to find ways to bring it back to our movie nights or we're doomed. Well, maybe not but still....

 So we are now, well mostly hubby, thinking of buying something like this

Yes, a popcorn machine! Kidding you I am not! We originally saw something similar in a store we went to a few weekends ago. Hubby thought it would be fun to have one at home...and the little one couldn't agree more. Imagine that. Ha! Anyway, we didn't buy it right away because we wanted to see how much something like this would cost online. I'm glad we waited because I just saw this on epopcorn.com and it's cheaper. Not only that, I saw quite a few epopcorn machines for popping corn on the site that the husband might want to see so I'm sending him the link as soon as get off here. I have a feeling that he would be sending me a link back soon after letting me know which one he wants to get.

With our very own pop corn machine, we can control how much oil or cheese or maybe even butter we want to put in our pop corn. I know we'll add some of those one way or another but we can now adjust accordingly. We can even prepare pop corn per our personal preference. Woot! I am seriously drooling just thinking about it right now so I better get off here and send the husband the link. The sooner he sees it, the better. Who knows we may even have this favorite snack on our bowl as early as this weekend! Can you say 'excited much'?


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