Question: "Sir, is there school today?"
Answer: "Yes."

That's the English translation of this phone conversation. Funny how it may seem in this picture, it's somewhat a common thing in the Philippines. It has improved a bit already since my high school days but this still happens today. Some schools would take their time in cancelling classes that students are left with no choice but to go to school only to be told that classes have been suspended once they're in school already. From what I read, the government now is giving advisories when it comes to cancellation of classes. Still, in some places the discretion is up to the school itself. I am hoping this new policy is working out fine especially during this rainy season.


Ciela said…
Oh memories.. ganito na kami noon, ganito pa rin sila ngayon. Classes would be cancelled kung kelan nasa school na ang mga studyante. Kaya madalas noon, naglalalakad kami pauwi sa waist high floods of Manila. Oops, may changes din pala, kasi ngayon lampas tao na ang baha at di na waist high. Hayz, when will they ever learn?

Ano'ng balita sa siblings mo sa Pampanga? San di sila affected!
J said…
hello Tuks!

grabe at nalulungkot ako watching the footages sa news. bakit ba kasi binabaha na? I wish someone can solve this problem kasi masayado na widespread and flooding pag umuulan. dati kasi hindi naman ganun karaming areas ang binabaha. I hope your siblings are spared from this.

musta na kayo?

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