Cheese Monster...

Hubby loves cheese...especially italian cheese! If there is such a thing as a cheese monster, then that will be him, no doubt about it. I don't think there's a day when he wouldn't eat cheese. But that had to change. Much as he loves cheese, he had to give up eating it as much as he used to. Don't get me wrong, he still eats cheese regularly. He just doesn't live for it anymore. I guess that's what happens when you get older. Your body starts giving you signs that you're eating too much of something...and that's what his body did. He was advised by our doctor that he had to cut on his dairy intake so cheese had to be eaten moderately now.

I on the other hand still eats my favorite smoked cheese when I find it. For some reason we don't always find it on the shelf in the store. I tried some other kind but none compares to my favorite kind. For now, I try to get my cheese fix from cheese crackers or some cheese strings. Fortunately, our doctor hasn't said anything to me yet as far as cutting my dairy intake is concerned. I guess that's because I try to eat in moderation...cheese included.


zaracatani said…
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