A Visit to a Museum

It's been a plan for several weeks and it finally happened over the weekend. We visited MOSI which stands for Museum of Science and Industry. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that the place doesn't seem to be well-maintained. From the outside, it looks run down already. Hubby said that the place could use some pressure washing on the outside and I couldn't agree more. Truth be told, because of the state of the place, I have no desire to go back. Anyway, here are some of the things we saw at the place.

Butterfly garden. There are not a lot of variety...but at least the little one was able to see them up close. She's been chasing butterflies in our yard so she's happy she got up close and personal with them.

Mummy exhibit. Probably the most interesting part of our trip to the place. I was surprised the little one agreed to actually go in there. She's quite scared of mummy and skeleton so I was expecting her to freak out. She didn't....well, maybe just a little. There's a lot of information to digest there and some 'sights' to see. Hopefully our little student learned some.

iMax Dome. The film showcased is called 'Secrets of the Pharaoh'...I think. Informative as expected. The film being shown in an iMax Dome made it more interesting than it is especially for a 10 year old.

The Amazing You exhibit showcases the human body starting from conception. There was even a video of an actual birth which I didn't dare see. Daddy and daughter watched it together. There are a lot interactive activities that kids and adults can enjoy...but some of them are broken. That's probably because kids of all ages are free to pound on them if they're not being monitored by adults.

Disasterville. A place where different disasters are being simulated. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and even flooding have their own simulation in this area. The earthquake simulation was not very convincing to someone like me who have been in a few rattles before but it's worth trying especially for my two companions who haven't experienced any.

Kids in charge. The area where kids are allowed to get their hands on everything. And that being the case, a lot of what's in there are either out of order or half-functional...as expected. Those that are still in working condition are about to conk out as well if the people in-charge in the place don't do something about them.

Planetarium. This we weren't able to see simply because we couldn't find it. When we finally found someone to ask where it is, we were told the last show was done already...and we were right by it. Ugh! It has no label, name or whatsoever to let us know it's the place we're looking for. Oh well....

All in all, it wasn't a complete waste of trip and money. The little one had fun...not as much fun but enough I guess. Hopefully the next one we visit will be at par with our expectations.


J said…
so E is into museums this early in her life. that is really great! visit NY and I'm sure she'll have a ball going sa mga museums dito.

hopping late before signing off for the night. ang curfew ko 10:00 p.m. kasi hehe.

good night!

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