Baby Blues?

One of my nephews and his wife had their first baby a couple of months ago. I've been asking them to post pictures and they finally did a few days ago. What can I say....she's as cute as can be. Just looking at her pictures makes me want to have one right about now. But that's not going to happen. Much as I want to have one, I don't think we'll be fair to the baby since physically, we're just not as fit as we were once.

Instead, I decided to go down memory lane and popped our baby videos on the DVD player. Voila! Instant baby. LOL! That's basically what we've been doing since last weekend...watching the little one's baby videos and getting a kick out of her antics as a toddler. It's amazing how different yet the same she's been. Her mannerisms and the say she talks are very much the same. She's still a chatterbox and she said she just can't stand being called one....haha. I believe I posted a video here of her being a chatterbox that she is. I'll try and find it and repost it here one of these days.


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