20 Olympic Medals

That's the official count of Michael Phelps' medals after winning the 200 IM earlier this afternoon. It's his 16th Olympic gold medal. I thought it would be his final swim for this Olympics but I may have been mistaken. I read that he still has 2 more swims to go. It was however the last time that he and Ryan Lochte will be facing off in the pool. Some say it's a bitter-sweet moment because they were really bringing out the best in each other when they compete in the same category.

This win is particularly sweet for him [and his followers] because of how he lost to Lochte in the 400 IM relay. Well, he didn't only lose in that one but didn't get a medal either. Oh well, that's all over now. I'm sure that doesn't even bother him now. If anything, that lost just brought out the best in him. Hopefully he'll win the last 2 swims he still has to compete with in the coming days. Goodluck to him! [Like he needs it, eh?]


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