Eerily Quiet Here


I've been meaning to post here before the week [yes, last week] ended but for some strange reason/s [read: lazy me!], I wasn't able to...but here I am now giving it a shot.

Our weekend has been busy. I'm busy continuing my weeding adventure while the hubs is busy finishing a job. He is at work right now...yes, on a Sunday, still working on that job. As usual, it's just the little one and I here at home minding our own business. I have some chores to do as soon as I get off here so it won't be a lazy day for me. In the meantime, the little one is busy tinkering with her gadgets. She only gets them [her iPod and Nintendo] on the weekends [after she's done with her chores] because they pose too much distractions with her school work during the week so she surrenders them to me on Sunday night for safekeeping.

Anyway, unlike last weekend, my weeding chore is not causing me as much aches and pains this time around. I still feel some here and there but not as a bad.  I was able to clear out the weeds around the other tree yesterday. It was actually easy because it was like peeling off a banana or removing a carpet. The weeds that grew around that tree are the kinds that cluster together so it was easy-peasy to pull them out. Hubby didn't have to go around that tree anymore when he mowed the grass yesterday. Yep, he still had to mow after working the whole day. Poor guy.

The week ahead will be same-o, same-o. I'm sure hubs will still be busy with work and I will be doing my own thing. He is hoping that we can take a short vacay after this job they're working on but we have to wait and see. If a promising work comes in between now and then, the vacation would have to, uhm, wait. It's just the way it is with small businesses nowadays. They can't afford to turn down jobs because of the uncertainty of when the next one will come. Such is life...for now, anyway.


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