Almost! Actually it's Friday already in some parts of the! Yeah!

I don't have much to do so I thought of updating this blog. I actually thought of doing that yesterday but I got busy with I don't know what so I'm doing it today instead.

Nothing new around always. Somehow I like it that way. Things have been kinda' mellow. There are a couple of 'stressors' but I'm trying not to dwell on them [read: ignore them or 'dedma]. Hubs is still very busy at work which equates to him being stressed. He does not bring home work stuff which is good since he can have some time to relax. Sometimes he tells me about what's happening but that's basically the end of it. I get more stressed than him when he tells me things like their vendors that don't deliver on time which results to them not being able to meet the deadlines....or customers who are unreasonable with their demands. There's not much I can do about it so I just serve as a sounding board sometimes or just a listener. Their latest job is almost complete so I'm hoping he can take some breather after this one.

As for me....nothing new. Just on a waiting mode for now.


Ciela said…
Friday is already over, Huling! A supposed lazy weekend here but can't afford to be coz too many chores are waiting to be done.

You mentioned F sometimes tells you about his work problems? Good for you! That's what I wanna here from T here. But he's not the kind of person kasi who talks much. Yun ang problem ko! Hayyzz!

Gandang weekend sa inyong tatlo! Sana matapos na yung project ni M, so you can go out and have time to chillax! Bye for now! Mwah!
Ciela said…
Ay Huling! Soweee! Napa-F pala ung dapat na M dun! Nawawala na ang mind ko sa mga loves ninyo! Sensya na sa lolang may alzheimers.hihi.. buti nabawi ko naman pala sa huli! Lol!

See yah again!
J said…
may confusion yata dito (peace Tita B).

Sunday na... ng gabi. tapos na ang weekend, but happy weekend nonetheless. na-busy-bisihan si ako kunwari lang naman hahaha.

hope your weekend was awesome. eto at maagang wish ng maganda at mapayapang bagong linggo.

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