Another Interest....

for the little one anyway.

A few weeks ago, she and I started playing badminton almost everyday. I was the one that initiated playing badminton because we're trying to make her do more physical activities. Since it's just the two of us most of the time, badminton is a perfect game. We have been having a lot of fun for at least 30 minutes daily hitting that shuttlecock [aka birdie] back and forth. It's something she looks forward to ~ and so do I ~ everyday to cap off her school day.

Just recently as well, she also got interested in learning another game. But this time around it's a game for the brain...chess! I don't really know what brought on her interest in chess but I'm glad [and so is the Dad] that she is interested in learning it. Unfortunately I don't know how to play it but the Daddy does so he's the one that is teaching her. It has become their nightly routine [before bedtime] to play a game. They've been playing for the last 2 weeks [I think] and so far so good. She hasn't beaten Dad yet but he says it won't be long before that happens especially now that she has the game app in her Note 8. She plays against the computer every chance she gets and she's slowly but surely leveling up in the app. If she continues on like this, we may have a grandmaster in the house before we know it...haha.'s been a quiet Friday around here. My work isn't as busy that's why I am able to blog as much as I want to. It's almost the weekend and I can hardly wait for it. No reason...I just want to linger in bed a few minutes more than usual. My sleep hasn't been that good for the past couple of weeks. I wonder if my thyroid is acting up again. I better have that blood work done as soon as possible so I can be sure. I'm hoping it's not the case because I really don't want to go back to my medication. But if that's what I need to do to get some decent sleep, then so be it.

Have a good weekend...


J said…
Badminton? Inis talo ako palagi when I used to play it with my younger bro. But it's a good sport, kailangan mabilis ka. Glad to know that you're enjoying it. Question: E is back to school na? (I assume home schooled pa din siya).

Oh yes, I can play chess with her. Same age ni E when I learned to play chess. Lahat kami ng sibs ko marunong. Syempre, imaginine mo ang away pag may inis talo hahaha.

You better get that blood work. Maybe it's not really your thyroid acting up, baka naman pre-occupied lang ang mind mo. Ako ang himbing na ng tulog sa wakas save for isolated nights pag nag-de-day dream ako ng mga hindi dapat.

O siya enjoy your long weekend. Kami dito hindi ko pa alam kung saan ang destinasyon. pwede ding house lang para peaceful.
J said…
hey dumaan ako, nandito waving at you all.

hope you're enjoying your Labor day outing sa backyard ninyo.

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