A Cool Sight to Behold....

We've been having some pretty nasty rains around here the past few days. But before I get into that, let me share with you something cool that the little one saw first right on our backyard.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at around 4:30 in the afternoon, we saw a rainbow right on our backyard. As I mentioned, it was the little one that saw it first. She of course had to call me. I've seen rainbows before and so has she but it's quite different when you see one that's on your backyard and within reach.

I grabbed my camera hoping to get a picture of it but it was hard. It was raining and my camera is not water proof so I had to settle with taking the pictures while I was in the house. The pictures didn't come out good...as expected but I'm sharing them here nonetheless. You may have to look a bit harder to see the rainbow...but it's there. Just click on the pictures to see it better.

With that...let me wish a everyone a great weekend ahead.


J said…
Oh wow! That is awesome. I can't recall the last time I saw a rainbow. Hindi yata lumalabas ang rainbow on this part of the world. Or baka naman tulog ako pag labas niya.

Saan ang destinasyon this weekend? Hope it's going to be a dry Sabado.

Btw, I've been meaning to ask you about your family back home in pampanga. I saw severe flooding. Hope their ok.
J said…
Hay ano ba yan at hindi ako makatulog. Ayan tuloy nandito ulit ako.

Correction: they're dapat yung their bwahaha. Kung bakit kasi nag e-English pa hehe.

For sure you're in dreamland na at this time. Malamang, I'll be dreaming pa din tomorrow when the rest of the world ay gising na gising na.

O siya... Babu.
Ciela said…
Oh well, with or without the colorful rainbow, your backyard is a cool sight to behold!

Hopefully, subsided na ang baha sa mga areas dito. I'm afraid your siblings are amongst those most affected. Sana lang wala ng corruption para maiayos na ang dapat iayos.

Stay well! Enjoy the weekend!
J said…
Hoy gising!!! Say mo, ako naman ngayon ang nanggising. Been up for a while but still in bed. Yung aking girl Friday eh nandyan na kaya kailangan nang layasan ang bed haha. Hungry na din ako.

Hope your week ahead will be dry and peaceful. Ako dito I've already reclaimed my peace and I'm so relieved. Back to my normal grind ika nga.

Take care.

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