"Ber" Months

We're a day away from the start of what some Filipinos like to call the 'ber' months. I'm not sure if kids today feel the same way we did back then  but when I was growing up my friends and I got very excited when September comes. Why? Because it served as the start of our countdown for Christmas. Yep, we were shallow.

It's not the same here though. Here there are 2 big events before the holiday season. Still, that doesn't stop stores around here to display stuff for Christmas as early as...now? Yep, some stores have some Christmas stuff, Halloween stuff and Thanksgiving stuff out all at the same time. There are times when I'm actually tempted to buy Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff/decors and put them up only to take them down after the holiday season. I have not done that but we have a neighbor around here that does that. Actually she doesn't take down her Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations...she lets Mother nature blow them away. Depending on the weather, she sometimes still has her decors up until March or later. Oh well...that's her style so we just laugh about it. Maybe I'll do the same one day, eh?


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