Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All Set Up

My brother just sent me the link of his band's page in one social network. He's the one that set it up so he's very excited to share it with me. He also wants to show me pictures of some of their backyard gigs as well as the different instruments and gadgets they already have which they have set up in their little studio. Their band has been jamming for a few years. In that amount of time they're able to buy their gadgets one at a time as their 'budget' lets them. I mentioned here that he even asks me every now and then to look for certain things like this line 6 guitar amp at musician's friend. He doesn't ask me to buy anything for his band but if one day I can afford to buy something for his band like this amplifier, I will in a heartbeat. I know how much he enjoys playing music and it makes me very happy if I can do something for him and his band. I just wish I can do that now. Oh well, I guess helping them search is enough for now. Maybe one day I'll be able to search and buy them the instrument or gadget at the same time. One day.

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