Today is Wednesday!

Just in case you're not keeping track of the days. Ha! Actually I just can't think of a better title. It's a very slow day here so I thought of updating here. I'm quite sleepy so I need to keep myself busy or I will nod off if I don't. I had a restless sleep last night probably because I'm a wee bit anxious about some things that are going on both here and abroad. Huh? Anyway, the extra strength allergy medicine I took this morning and the gloomy day we have at the moment are not all. Well, the allergy med made the sneezing stop but I feel all lethargic now.

I've also been watching You Tube to ward off sleepiness as well as reading my daily dose of news. One news that caught my attention is about coffee...and 'selfies'. I'm sure you're familiar with coffee but if you're not familiar with a 'selfie''s a picture of yourself taken by yourself. Many post selfies on FB, twitter and/or Instagram. I've never posted any selfie just because I'm not into those kinds of thing. But who cares. Oopss...back to my original topic. So what about coffee and selfies? There is this café/coffee shop in Taiwan that can actually put your selfie on your coffee. Yep, your picture on your coffee. What happens is you take a selfie with your smartphone and upload the picture. The picture is then 'printed' on top of your latte using edible ink. Yep, leave it to the Chinese to come up with something 'different'? Here's the Broken News that explains this new 'phenomenon'...????


Ciela said…
Huling, late na nman ako. it's already TGIF, time to chillax! Let's have coffee! Pero teka lang, magse-selfie muna para matikman kung masarap yung mukha ko! Bwahaha! Talaga naman 'no?! Wla kayang side effects yung edible ink na yun? For sure mahal din yun. Hayyz.. okay na ko sa 3 in one ng Nescafe. hihi.. and once in a blue moon, Starbucks! Saya na ko dun. Lol!

Fro-yo time na ba kayo? Sama ko! Enjoy the weekend!

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