A friend in North Carolina was finally able to bring his fiancée and their small son with him back here when he came back a few months ago. They just got hitched a few weeks ago to make everything official. Before his little family got here my friend bought a house in Chapel Hill where they will be residing for good. Since a lot of houses are for sale nowadays, he didn't have hard time finding the perfect first family home for them. As soon as he got the house, he sent me an email with pictures attached. It wasn't a brand new house and it needed some cleaning a little upgrade but it's perfect for him and his family. He made sure the house was ready when they got here that he looked for a carpet cleaning chapel hill nc  company right away. His son is only 2 years old. He likes to roll around just like any other kid so it's very important that the carpet around the house is spic and span when he got here. Now, they are all settled and happy in their humble abode. Most of all, they are all together now. I can only imagine how happy my friend is now.


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