How They've Grown

I came across this old post in this blog. It's about the day we [meaning: hubby] planted the bottle brushes on our yard. It took us about a year from the day we moved in to finally start planting something and our first project were these bottle brushes. We planted them in June 2009 so it's been 4 years. Wonder how they look like now? The title of this post says it they've grown.

Here's the picture on the day they were planted....

As you can see, they were just 'babies'...and they were the only plants on the ground, well aside from the still pretty grass of course.

Here they are now...

They tallest is probably about 8 ft now. The little one was a lot taller than them when we planted them. Now, it's the other way around.  They didn't turn out to be as bushy as we wanted them to be but it's fine. Also, they grew at different paces. A couple of them are not as healthy looking as the rest but they're all surviving the crazy weather here in our neck of the woods. As you can probably see, we've also planted some more since 2009. And the grass....what can I say. It's mostly weeds now. The sod that was laid on our yard wasn't the best because it started dying soon after we planted those bottle brushes.


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