Sporty Me...Not!

I never played sports when I was growing up. I had the mandatory Physical Education classes in high school and I never liked it whenever we had to play some kind of sport. The same with college. It's even worse in college because we had play volleyball and basketball during one of my PE courses. I barely passed those classes and I believe that my teacher gave me a passing mark out of pity. Ha! The reason for my dislike especially for volleyball is because I bruise like a peach. I remember playing a couple of volleyball games and both my arms were black and blue for days after those games. I guess my teacher took pity on me and tried not to put me in the line-up unless it's necessary.

Anyway, I play badminton with the little one almost everyday. This kind of 'sport' I enjoy because there is no direct contact therefore no bruising for me...except if I fall down trying to chase that 'birdie'. How I wish they offered badminton back then in PE class. I know they offered table tennis in some schools back then but not in our school. If only I had those choices back then I would have enjoyed my PE classes. Oh well...I guess it was just my luck that they weren't.


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