Clothes Shopping...

...has changed big time in this household as far as our little one is concerned. Before if I needed to buy her clothes I just go to a children's clothing store and get whatever she needed in that store. Now, I have to go to different stores. One day I'm at a children's clothing store, the next I'm looking at a the junior clothing store. Why? Because she's at that age where her clothes sizes are off. Most of the clothes in a children's clothing store are too small for her while the ones in the juniors are either too small or are not age appropriate. At least to me they're not...age appropriate I mean.

Anyway, this past weekend we went out to shop for some house decors and some clothes for her as well. Everytime we do that, I still go to the children's section of the store only to move to the other departments because I couldn't find her size. At the end, I just gave up and told her we'll look online. Aside from the size dilemma, her ever changing taste is another me at least. One day she likes the usual clothes girls her age like. The next day she wants clothes that are more grown-up. This makes it even tougher to shop especially if she's with me. At least when I do it online, I do it mostly by myself. When the clothes get here, she doesn't have a choice but to wear them. Ha!


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