I've been having some issues about my internet connection for the last month or so. At first it was just on and off throughout the day. I thought it's all because of our unreliable service. I was very close in giving them a call. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't want them telling me to mess up with the computer and the modem/router. I just didn't feel comfortable doing that. I wanted 'McGyver' ~ the hubs ~ to do that not me...and he did the other night. Woot!

It turned our modem/router is having a case of 'overload'. Yep, we've overloaded the poor thing with our devices around the house. The CS said that it has to be configured to be able to handle all the devices we have 'riding on it'. The problem is we couldn't get in the gadget itself so they're sending us a new one. Hopefully it's configured to handle 101 devices so we won't have to deal with this problem anymore.

Right now, I am back working on my laptop instead of my desktop. I should have noticed that these internet outages started when this new desktop and printer were installed...but I didn't. Oh well...I guess I should be more observant next time? Maybe?


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