Should We..., I mean?

With the impending vacation we're going to take in the not so far future, I can't help but think...should I start looking at vacation rental homes or wait until it's really sure we're actually taking a vacation? Knowing me, I'd probably go with the former and start looking now...or ASAP. But then again there is another factor to consider before I can do that. Our destination is close to hubby's family, paticularly an older sister that he's quite close to. I have a feeling that once everything is planned out and is definite, we may just get an invite to stay with them if not for the duration of the vacation but even just for a few days. Personally, I am not very comfortable with that. I know they will probably want to get together as much as possible but I would rather we stay somewhere else during our stay there instead of them accommodating us. I have no idea how I'm going to tell the hubs about my preference but I know he'll understand it. I just have to bring it up in a way that won't offend or hurt his sister or other relatives.


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