Sore Back!

I decided to re-start an exercise routine I used to do before I had the dizzy spells 2 weeks ago. I stopped doing it along with using the elliptical after those episodes but I came back on the machine sometime last week. Anyway, I decided to do half the routine yesterday. The result...a sore back now. Mind you it wasn't hard core exercise. It was just a little bit of stretching and some planking. Still, I feel the soreness on my back like I did the whole routine itself. As a result, I wasn't able to do any exercise today. Instead, I lingered in bed for 30 minutes more than I usually do. Oh well...maybe I can go on my elliptical tomorrow.

Anyway, I've been trying to keep myself busy today. Work has slowed quite a bit in the last few days and from what I've heard, it won't go back up until after new year...or even later. Many of my colleagues are fretting about it but I'm trying not to. We know this is normal at this time of the year but with the way the economy is, any sign of work slowing down makes everyone nervous. We're crossing our fingers that this really is just the normal slow down we experience this time of year.

In the meantime, I'm probably going to clean out this laptop. I have so much files on it, mostly pictures, that it's really getting very slow. Besides, I may not be using it as my main work computer anymore since hubby got me a desktop for my last birthday. I will still be using it of course but only when I'm not in the home office....except today. Because today, it's the only one that can connect to the internet. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA! Ha!!


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