Our Weekend...and My Gift!

It's "my Santa's" present for me.

Unlike last year where I 'requested' for my present from him, this year I didn't have anything in particular [in material form anyway] that I wanted so I didn't request for anything. He asked and I couldn't think of anything. Truth be told, if I want something for myself, I usually buy it...sometimes with his knowledge but most of the time...without. LOL!

Anyway, we went out this weekend...again. I didn't think we were going anywhere on Sunday but the hubs wanted to go to a different mall that I haven't been to. So a little after lunch we went our merry way. It's about an hour's trip so we let the little one watch a video on her 'little TV' as she calls it [it's actually one of those portable DVDs]. I'm glad we brought that thing along or we would have been peppered with 'Is it still far?' from her because we got caught in a traffic jam on the way. We sat in traffic for an additional hour...so we decided to do a side trip and visited hubby's friend that lives around the area...who later on informed us that there was a motorcycle accident by the mall that's why the traffic was backed up about a mile. Ha! We spent a couple of hours chatting with them until we felt that the traffic jam had eased out.

The first thing we did when we got to the mall was eat a very late lunch/very early dinner. As soon as we were stuffed, we started our trek around the not so crowded mall which was a surprise considering it's the weekend before Christmas. I didn't have anything in mind to buy in particular so I just let the husband lead the way...and he did because he knew what he went there for. I had a feeling he and the little had some kind of a 'secret' because she kept on whispering something to him. That's not a surprise actually because she does that to both of us and we get a big laugh out of it. She thinks she's pulling something but she's actually not because she's so excited about it that she BLOWS her 'little secrets' all the time. I just wish she stays that way forever. You know....blowing all her secrets like that so we won't have to worry much about her when she's all grown already. But that's probably not going to happen, is it? LOL...

Anyway, after several minutes of going in and out of stores inside the mall, we traipsed into the Coach store. Normally I wouldn't go in a store like that. Not that I don't like their products, I actually do...I just don't like their prices...haha! But remember it's the husband leading the way and I kinda have the feeling that that's where we were REALLY going so I just followed. He looked around and said: Hmmm...I don't see the ones where you "usually gravitate to". AHA!!! That sealed my suspicion. I knew that he wanted to get me something from that store...and I know that when he does that I don't have a choice or I will be hearing about it for a long time. Now, I haven't been in that store but being a GIRL I just know where to go to see what I want so I decided to lead him to the cross-body bags ~ that's what he meant with 'the ones I gravitate to'. As usual, the prices [to me] are repelling that I almost walked out. But with him close behind I went around trying to tell him they're expensive. His reply was: You deserve it Honey. Awwww....they still cost a lot of money though...tee hee! To make the long story short, I gave in. I didn't get the usual cross body bag but opted for a purse that can still be used as a cross body bag. This one...


HONEY said…
very pretty. And yes I agree. You deserve it ate... :)

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